Reuters called the firm-the contractor is installing the “sanctions” of turbines in the Crimea

One of the companies involved in installation and commissioning of the supplied to the Crimea gas turbines for power plants, the Russian company “Interavtomatika”, in which Siemens owns a 45.7% stake. About it reports Reuters, citing three sources close to the project.

On the website “Interavtomatika” says the company engaged in the development and implementation of automated control systems of technological processes “turnkey”. The implemented system is based on the use of controls and control manufactured by Siemens, or its license, said on the website.

Siemens representative, responding to a question from Reuters about the alleged participation of “Interavtomatika” in the construction of power plants in Crimea, said that the German company continues to maintain its position on the involvement in this project on the Peninsula.

“We are investigating the participation of “Interavtomatika” in starting the gas turbines and any other services and if this is proven, we will take all necessary and available measures in order to stop such activities”, — said in response Siemens, obtained by Reuters via email. Last Friday, Siemens stated that it had established a working group, which will investigate reports of supplies to the Crimea gas turbines company despite sanctions.

Company “Technopromexport” (“daughter” of “Rostec”) constructing a power plant in the Crimea, refused to comment, “Interavtomatika” promptly responded to the request, Reuters reports.

This week Reuters, citing its sources reported that Russia has delivered in Crimea gas turbine produced by Siemens, in spite of the EU sanctions that prohibit European companies supply to the Peninsula energy technologies. Siemens said that he had not supplied the turbines in the Crimea.

Tekhnopromeksport later explained that he had purchased the turbine in the secondary market and carried out the modernization of these installations by Russian factories and engineering companies. The interlocutors RBC, involved in the project, said that the turbines have changed the automation, and participated in the Russian enterprise JSC “Interavtomatika”, where Siemens has a minority share of 45.7%. “Interavtomatika” already have all the keys to the protocols of gas turbines of the German company, so change automation is a snap, and told the interlocutors.