Siemens announced plans to sue because it got in the Crimea turbines

The German company Siemens said that at least two units of the four that concern set in Russia, were moved to the Crimea against the will of the manufacturer, reports Reuters. The group announced that they intend to initiate criminal proceedings against persons who are responsible for it. Initially the turbine was intended for the construction of generation in the Krasnodar region.

“Over the past several months, our client has repeatedly confirmed to us that the supply [of turbines] in Crimea will not happen. As a result, Siemens intends to initiate criminal proceedings against those responsible,” — said in a statement, quoted by the Agency.

Representatives of the group told Reuters that the company had taken “all possible steps” in the legal field, to prevent delivery of the produced gas turbines in the Crimea.

July 5, Reuters reported that, despite sanctions, four gas turbines of the German company Siemens was sent to the Crimean power. RBC sources that participate in the project, explained that the turbine was produced at the plant of the German company and joint venture of “Power machines”, Saint-Petersburg, but partly remade in the factories of “Rostec”. “The degree of modernization is so great that products can no longer carry the name of the manufacturer, it is a different product,” — says the interlocutor of RBC, close to the project participant. The purchase of turbines in the joint venture of “Power machines” and Siemens was engaged in the “daughter” of “Rostec” company “Tekhnopromexport”.

The representative of “Rostec” has not yet responded to a request to RBC.

After reports about the supply of turbines in the Crimea representatives of Siemens asked “Tekhnopromexport” to let them inspect a warehouse in Krasnodar Krai, where he was delivered the car to check, still if they are in stock. But “the company” in this request, the provider has denied, says the acquaintance of the top Manager of the “daughter” of “Rostec”. The representative of “Technopromexport” have not yet answered the questions of the RBC.

The interlocutor of RBC, close to the “Technopromexport” (“daughter” of “Rostec”), announced that to replace the turbine can “a minimum number of parts,” and it “will still be machine Siemens”.

Commenting on the claims of Siemens, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the turbines were produced in Russia, “Russian component”.

In message “Technopromexport”, received by RBC on July 6, says that the company has purchased four sets of gas turbines for power facilities in the Crimea on the secondary market, as the transaction for the purchase of equipment from the Iranian company MAPNA broke. Purchased turbine was modernized Russian factories and engineering companies to ensure that they meet the requirements of the project.

According to Reuters one of the companies involved in the installation set in the Crimea gas turbines for power plants, was “Interavtomatika”. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, 45.7% of the shares of the company owned by Siemens. Even 36,94% owned by JSC VTI, and of 17.34% — JSC “Technopromexport”. In a conversation with Reuters the representative of Siemens stated that the company is investigating the participation of “Interavtomatika” in the construction of power plants in Crimea and intends to take steps to “cease such activities”.

In addition, Siemens 7 July announced the beginning of own investigation of the delivery of the turbines on the Crimean Peninsula. The Ministry of economy of Germany stated that Siemens was not privy to the supply of turbines in the Crimea.