“Tatneft” has transferred to Iran offers on development of two deposits

Moscow. July 9. INTERFAX.RU Tatneft has completed the preliminary studies of geological information on the deposits Shadegan and Sochi in Iran, told reporters the head of the company nail Maganov.

“We passed the information on Geology and mining. Now waiting for a response from the Iranian side,” he said.

According to him, there is no deadline for a response.

Maganov also added that “Tatneft” does not participate in the tender for a Deposit Azadegan in Iran.

The Sochi field is included in the Anaran block, which was considered to be comprised of four oil structures: Azar (Azar), Sangole West (Changuleh-West), Sochi (Dehloran) and Asian (Musian). The Sochi is located 22 km South-West of the eponymous town, in the province of Ilan. The field has estimated reserves of approximately 5 billion barrels of oil.

Shadegan oil field located in the Khuzestan province.