The EP has suspended the membership of first Deputy Prime Minister of Kalmykia, accused of fraud

MOSCOW,July 10. /TASS/. The regional branch of the party “United Russia” (EP) in Kalmykia has suspended the membership of the first Deputy Chairman of the government of the Republic of Peter Lozanova, accused of fraud and abuse of authority. On Monday TASS reported the press service of the party.

“The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting of the local branch. Membership Peter Lozanova and erdni Katysheva (Deputy Minister of agriculture of Kalmykia, suspected frauds – approx. TASS) suspended until clarification of all circumstances”, – said the press service.

Earlier it was reported that first Deputy Prime Minister of Kalmykia is arrested, he is charged with committing a crime under part 2 of article 285 (“Abuse of official powers”) and part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”).

According to investigators, in 2011, Lanzano, abusing his official powers, instructed the employees of the Republican Ministry of agriculture to force more than 400 farmers to transfer part of the subsidies at the expense of the educated holding “marbled meat Kalmykia”.

A portion of these funds were subsequently stolen, the other used for other purposes. At the request of the investigator both officials of the court elected a measure of restraint in form of detention.