Ukraine will oblige the Russians to register when entering the country

In 2018, the Ukrainian authorities introduced a pre-registration for Russian citizens who want to visit the Republic. This was stated by Secretary of national security Council and defense (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“Creates a corresponding technical infrastructure at all points of crossing the state border, which should start operating no later than early next year. For citizens of Russia will be implemented electronic system of pre-registration”, — said Turchinov.

He explained that the Russians will have to pre-register in a special system and submitted to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of the required data. What information will be obliged to disclose to the Russians, he said.

Turchynov added that the Ukrainian authorities will also require that Russian citizens be required to register on the territory of Ukraine in the place of their temporary stay. Also the citizens of Russia will be obliged to inform the relevant authorities about the movement on the territory of Ukraine. At the border pass will be introduced for biometric passports.

“As will be the removal of biometric data (fingerprints) for citizens of other countries and persons without citizenship, except for countries with which Ukraine has relevant agreements. It is obvious that in the first place it will apply to Russian citizens”, — said Turchinov.

About the need to remove fingerprints from entering the country foreigners had earlier said the President Petro Poroshenko. According to him, the removal of biometric data, including fingerprints and digital photographs, enhance the ability to combat terrorism. The President noted that the necessary documents for the introduction of such a system is already prepared, the Ukrainian border service will receive the necessary equipment.

“We’ll take the necessary time to ensure that the country is properly prepared to be good citizens did not feel any discomfort”, — Poroshenko promised.

Turchinov said earlier about the need to close to Russians without biometric passports to enter Ukraine. “We must put a reliable barrier that will protect the country from the penetration of enemy agents, terrorists, separatists”, — he said in mid-June.

From March 2015, Ukraine obliged the Russians to enter their territory only passport that would be valid for the entire stay in the country. Previously this was done at the internal Russian passports. A restriction in Kiev said Moscow’s policy towards Ukraine. Also representatives of the Ukrainian authorities repeatedly declared the need for the introduction of visas for Russians.