Elon musk presented the first production electric car Model 3

Elon musk presented the first production electric car Model 3

NEW YORK, July 10. /Offset. TASS Igor Borisenko/. The first production Model 3 electric car rolled off the Assembly line of the American company Tesla in Fremont (California). Car No. 1 will belong to Tesla CEO Elon musk, said on Monday Bloomberg.

The rights to the first production electric car originally belonged to a member of the Board of Directors Ira Ehrenpreis, however, he decided to give this car Elon musk on the day of birth. Garage Mask are already two electric car Tesla – the first Model X crossover and the first double Tesla Roadster.

The cost of Model 3 in the basic configuration will be about $35 million, according to Bloomberg data, the serial machine is no different from the prototype, first shown in March 2016. In particular, the serial car on the dashboard will only be one huge screen with touch controls, and the device projecting information on the windshield is not provided.

Tesla, according to the Agency, already planned for July 28 ceremony the owners of the keys 30, the first production Model 3. In August, the company plans to produce 100 cars in September 1500, and by December is expected to manufacture 20 thousand cars a month. If Tesla fails to achieve its goals, said Bloomberg, the company will release next year more EVS than all other major automakers released them in 2016.

The company was founded in 2003. Originally it was called Tesla Motors, however, at the beginning of this year became known as just TeslŠ°. First, the company specialized only in the production of electric vehicles, but later became involved in the development of solar and other energy-storage systems.