“The Schwab” and the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University will develop instruments for neurosurgery

MOSCOW, July 11. /TASS/. The shvabe holding company and St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University Peter the Great signed an agreement on strategic partnership aimed at developing technical cooperation in the field of civil engineering, including medical. The agreement was signed in Yekaterinburg on Tuesday at the international exhibition “Innoprom-2017”, the press service of the holding.

“The document was signed by the General Director of the Novosibirsk enterprises of the holding “shvabe – defense and protection” Vasily Rassokhin and rector of St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University Peter the Great Andrei rudskoy. According to the document, the parties in 2017 will begin joint research in the field of innovation and on priority and perspective directions of development of science, technologies and equipment”, – stated in the message.

Novosibirsk company “shvabe – defense and protection” will be used in collaboration with the University all the experience and production potential. “Our cooperation has a great importance and contributes to the development of enterprises not only in traditional areas, but also a completely new segment – the innovation for medicine. The result can be created competitive high-tech products and science-intensive technology that meets the national interests of the Russian Federation”, – said Deputy General Director of the shvabe Ivan Aggain.

The parties intend to develop and implement scientific and technical programmes aimed at the creation of high technologies and production line of education, the Ministry of industry and trade and Ministry of economic development of Russia, and also within Federal, state and regional target innovative projects.

“With our strategic partner by holding “Schwabe” we will be able to focus on creating innovative medical devices in the field of neurosurgery. Among the first plans to develop and introduce into mass production ultrasonic device for the elimination of tumors arising in the human organism – in the brain, spine. The second development is the implantable microchip – non-invasive neurostimulator for the treatment of diseases such as a hernia or a pinched nerve in the spine,” – said the rector of St. Petersburg University Andrey rudskoy.

The agreement provides for joint development of various medical devices for various purposes and their subsequent launch of a series with the direct participation of the enterprises of the holding “Schwabe”. In addition, in the field of joint activities of the parties include the preparation of a personnel reserve of “shvabe – defense and protection” – young professionals with expertise in the field of high-tech industries. Partners will be engaged and the decision socially – economic problems in the interests of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region.