Dr. Web reported on a malicious code on the portal

Dr. Web reported on a malicious code on the portal

MOSCOW, July 13. /TASS/. The developers of antivirus software Dr. Web has detected potentially malicious code that was introduced by an unknown person on the portal of state and municipal services gosuslugi.ru. This was reported by press service of the company, noting that when he was compromised website, yet can not be established.

“Malicious code forces the browser of any visitor of the website to seamlessly communicate with one of at least 15 domain names registered to an unknown private person. In response to these domains can act independent of any document from a fake data entry form credit cards and ending with the bust of a set of vulnerabilities to get access to the computer of the visitor of a site”, – stated in the message of press-service.

“In the process of dynamic generation of page accessed by the user, the site code is added to the container, allowing you to download or request any third-party data from the user’s browser,” says the company.

According to her, now experts found at least 15 domains, among which: m3oxem1nip48.ru, m81jmqmn.ru other addresses are intentionally uninformative titles. At least five of them a range of addresses belongs to companies registered in the Netherlands.

“In the last day, the queries to these domains, or are unsuccessful because the certificate of safety of most of these sites expired or does not contain malicious code, however, nothing prevents registrants at any time to update the certificates and place on those domains malicious code,” said the developer.

The communications Ministry TASS declared that the threat is insignificant, no adverse impact on users is not expected.

“The potential threat is negligible, at the moment eliminated in the near future will be closed. No negative impact to the user is not expected”, – reported in a press-service of the Ministry.