Apple will build the first data center in China to comply with local laws

Moscow. July 12. INTERFAX.RU – the American company Apple announced its intention to build its first data center in China to comply with local law requiring global companies to store data about users in the country.

The data center will be established jointly with the Chinese company Guizhou. Information about Chinese Apple users will be transferred there in the coming months, according to a press release from the company.

“The creation of the new data center will allow us to increase the speed and reliability of our products and services and also lead the activities of the company in accordance with the new legislation”, – reads the statement of the Apple.

Some analysts have expressed concern that such a measure can give Chinese authorities greater control over information and access technology of Apple, but the company assured that it “have strong protection measures, including personal data, and any ways around these measures, the system will not be created”. Apple shares in pre-trading on Wednesday, the rise in price on 0,1%, the company’s capitalization is estimated at $756,3 billion.