Rostec is going to launch a virtual mobile operator

Moscow. July 12. INTERFAX.RU Company “RT-inform” (included in GC rostec) has received licenses to provide communication services on data transfer, a potential partner in this project is “Rostelecom”, told “Interfax” in the “RT-Inform”.

As noted in the “RT-inform” received a license to provide access services to the Internet, to transmit data to subscribers in their network or the networks of other operators, provide services, SMS services, hosting, and information and referral services. License granted for a period of 5 years.

All clients of the new operator can become 450 thousand employees of the state Corporation “rostec”. The start up cost at this stage is not disclosed. It is expected to launch the project before the end of the current year, the company said. At this stage negotiations with the “big three” operators to define the formats of possible cooperation. The company notes that to date, “Rostelecom” – the most popular Telecom operator in “assistance”.

“RT-inform” intends to conclude with “Rostelecom” the inter-operator agreement for the consolidation of available resources and achieve further savings for enterprises,” – said the press service of the company. In “Rostelecom” have informed that are ready to cooperate, refraining from additional comments. VimpelCom and MTS declined to comment. Tele2 said that are open for any cooperation. In “the Megaphone” has not commented on possible cooperation.

“RT-inform” hopes to provide enterprises of Rostec secure communication channels on a single special tariff plans, as well as to lay the Foundation for creating your own corporate data transmission network within the Corporation. The economic effect in the first stage will be achieved at the expense of the storage needs of organizations of Rostec for communication services and the Internet. By combining needs-based “RT-inform”, the company intends to seek discounts from large operators.

In the second phase the company plans to undertake a comprehensive procurement of services of access to backbone networks, consolidating thus the need on the basis of one Federal Telecom operator with the largest presence in the Russian regions, the company said.

Rostelecom is currently implementing a project of mobile virtual operator (Mobile Virtual Network Operator, MVNO) network-a subsidiary of LLC “T2 RTC holding” (Tele2). In the I quarter of 2017 project scored 224 thousand subscribers. On the networks of Tele2 this summer also launches MVNO Telecom operator “daughter” RZD “TransTeleCom”. Until the end of the year is expected to earn MVNO-the operator of Sberbank , one of the partners of which is Tele2. Also at the end of the year will launch a virtual mobile operator networks Tele2 group Tinkoff Bank.

The infrastructure of MTS in the framework of the project of mobile virtual operator uses his “daughter” MGTS. “Vympelcom” develops the project of ethnic MVNOs. The company, in addition to communication services, provides free services related to the adaptation of immigrants, mainly labour migrants in Russia – language translations, support for obtaining medical insurance, legal assistance in registration of documents, search of accommodation.

Russia’s largest MVNO operator is now “Skartel” (brand Yota), who works for the parent network “MegaFon”. MVNO operators provide communication services under its own brand using the infrastructure of another operator.