The Russian stock market on Wednesday rose after Europe and the United States

Moscow. July 12. INTERFAX.RU – the Russian stock Market on Wednesday rose after the stock indices of Europe and America, despite having lost a large part of day growth of oil after an exit of statistics of the US Department of energy on stocks and extraction of raw materials.

At the end of trading, the MICEX index amounted to 1954,39 points (+0,9%), RTS index – 1025,68 points (+2,4%); ruble prices of most of the major “chips” on “Moscow exchange” grew in the range of 3.6%.

The dollar fell to 60,01 ruble (-0.75 per ruble).

The growth was in the lead reached historical highs of the action “Aeroflot” (+3,6, up to 225 rubles), LUKOIL (+1,4%), Mechel (+1.6 percent), “Masuri” (+3%), Russian grids (+2,2%), Sberbank (+2.5% and +3,9% “preferred shares”), Severstal (+2,5%), “Tatneft” (+1,9%).

The stocks of AFK Sistema (-3.7 percent) from beyond the cut-off of dividends on the exchange (subject to the calculations of “T+2”), slipped also the shares of “Magnet” (-0,3%), “preferred shares” Surgutneftegaz (-1,3%), Transneft (-1,2%).

In Asia on Wednesday the dynamics of the indices was mixed (sank Japan and China), however, growing Europe (FTSE, CAC 40, DAX added 0.6 to 1.6%) and America (S&P 500 index rose 0.7%).

Brent day raised close to $49 per barrel on the statistics of the American petroleum Institute (API) on the reduction of commodity stocks of oil in the USA from 8.1 million barrels per week (expected a decline of 2.9 million barrels).