Washington will consider the possibility of a ban on the products “Kaspersky Lab”

Moscow. July 11. INTERFAX.RU – the Administration of President Donald trump close to ban U.S. Federal agencies ‘ use of products, developed by the Russian company “Kaspersky Lab”, the TV channel ABC News referring to sources in the government of the United States.

“In the coming days can be a final decision on whether the “Kaspersky Lab” to remove from the list of Administration U.S. General services (GSA) as external vendors whose products are approved for use by government agencies,” the sources said TV channel. According to them, the removal of “Kaspersky Lab” from the list, most likely, will only affect future contracts.

Sources said that the White house, the Department of homeland security, GSA and other Federal agencies within a few weeks the “interdepartmental review” on the issue. “This is a big step and it will have some legal consequences,” said ABC News senior representative of the intelligence. As reminds TV channel “Kaspersky Lab” “is under scrutiny in connection with alleged links to Russian intelligence services.”