Sberbank faced with cases of stuffing of counterfeit bills in ATMs

Moscow. July 14. INTERFAX.RU – Sberbank has encountered several cases of distribution of counterfeit notes through ATMs, reconfigure some devices to protect against such fraud, told journalists the Chairman of Board of Bank Stanislav Kuznetsov on the sidelines of the International financial Congress in Saint-Petersburg.

He noted that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has received information about such kind of fraud from a number of credit institutions, including Sberbank. Cases of stuffing of counterfeit banknotes in ATMs was recorded in different regions, but mostly in Moscow. “Was the so-called “bonding”, where, conditionally, of the ten cuts, slice them into ten parts, gluing, there is one additional bill that is entered on the score card, and then given in cash,” – said Kuznetsov.

“Several such cases have been recorded. This risk, in fact, controls the Central Bank. We have insurance against such cases,” he said, noting that almost all of the counterfeit bills, the Bank was able to exchange to the Central Bank.

According to the Deputy Chairman of Sberbank, the main question arises here to the manufacturers of ATMs for configuring machine-readable security features. “We quickly contacted one of these manufacturers, for a very short time agreed to clarify these settings. The manufacturer problem has been completely closed,” – said Kuznetsov. First Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Georgy Luntovsky in June said that the Central Bank said the growth of counterfeit money through ATMs non-compliance with the inspection requirements of machine-readable features.