In Kyiv told about in the hands of people 900 thousand weapons

At the moment in the hands of the Ukrainians is officially 900 thousand weapons, said on air of transfer of “Gordon” the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

“Of these, 130 thousand [units] — rifled and about 800 [thousand] a penny — a smooth-bore,” said the MP, noting that as to how it is in Ukraine “unregistered weapons,” “no exact figure”.

“Today, we have allowed any kind of weapons to have on hand, except for handguns, i.e. pistols that can be worn covertly,” said Gerashchenko, adding however, that “the numbers may be different, but they are not accurate and true in an absolute instance”. So he responded to the question of what in the Republic at the hands of the people, according to unofficial sources, may be about 3-4 million weapons.

The Deputy also said he believes “the correct way” holding in Ukraine an “Advisory referendum” on the question of the legalization of weapons. About this discussion Gerashchenko in principle praised as “extremely complex issue”.

Earlier, on 3 June, that the Ukraine is preparing the draft law on the free circulation of weapons, said the Chairman of the Committee on national security and defence of the Verkhovna Rada Sergey Pashinsky. “I think that in autumn we should introduce the bill, discuss it and move on,” said the MP, explaining that, in his opinion, in the debate on this issue, “it is necessary to take the first step.”

Them, according to Pashinsky, was to be the definition of those categories of citizens that the Ukrainian authorities are not afraid to give a “short arms”. To these groups, as stated, treated including those who are “without comment was in the army, <…> of the channel” and the security Service of Ukraine.