Iran has rejected charges in the blinding laser of the us military

One of the commanders of the naval forces of Iran Admiral Hossein Azad said that the Americans recently accused Tehran of blinding laser aircrew CH-53E, which flew over the Strait of Hormuz, Press TV said. According to Azad, it is not true.

From accusations against Iran at the end of June was made commander of the Fifth fleet of the Navy of the United States bill urban. He said that the Iranian ships were intentionally blinded by searchlights and lasers, not only the helicopter over the Strait of Hormuz, but two warships — destroyers Cole and Bataan, which were in the area. In the case of the helicopter his crew retaliated by firing at the Iranian boats flare.

Urban pointed out that these actions of Tehran are endangering the crews of ships and helicopters, as the night can be disorienting pilots. The beam direction of the American military called “unprofessional actions on the part of the Iranians”.

With the beginning of the year in the Persian Gulf have been several incidents involving U.S. and Iranian ships. So, in January the ship of the U.S. Navy Mahan had to give warning shots to force to move the Iranian patrol boats.