Rating trump has decreased due to the deterioration of relations with the US in the world

In the spring of this year, the Americans downgraded their attitude to President Donald Trump, citing the decline of leadership in the international arena, this is stated in the survey conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News.

According to these data, the overall approval rating of the trump dropped to 36%. The number of people who disapprove of him, was 58%. While 48% said they “strongly disapprove” of the elected six months ago, the head of state.

About the same number of respondents said that the level of world leadership of the USA at the trump fell. Disagreed, 27% of respondents. Most Americans also said that, despite the fact that trump seemed to them a good diplomat, now they would not trust him to conduct business negotiations at the international level, in particular to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Asked about the negotiations with Putin, two out of three Americans said they did not want to spent the trump.

The survey also showed that the number of Americans who believe that the results of the presidential elections in the United States was influenced by the intervention of Russia, 60% of respondents. About 41% of them said that this was possible thanks to the team of the trump. At the same time 31% of respondents believe that Russia has nothing to win trump the election. Another 9% said they do not have an opinion on this.

Responding to a question about his political views, 33% of respondents identified themselves as Democrats, 26% Republican, 34% identified themselves to the category of people with independent political views.

In may the approval rating of the trump among Americans has fallen to 39%. Then negative about the trump responded 55% of respondents. About 6% of respondents are unable to evaluate his work.

Then the survey involved Americans, 801 of whom considered themselves to be Democrats, 630 — to the Republicans, 251 — people with independent position. While among Democrats the activities of the trump endorsed 14%, and 84% voted against it. Among the supporters of the Republican party praised the work of trump 77%, and unsatisfactory, he delivered 22%. Independent voices were distributed not in favor of the incumbent President: 29% for, 62% against.

For comparison: in the first day after the inauguration of the trump of his presidency did approve 45%, about the same number of respondents said that they do not support the new head of state. The maximum level of endorsement of trump reached on 25 and 26 January when his approval rating rose to 46%. Since then, sociologists recorded a continuous decline in the rating of the US President.

In late June, researchers at the Pew Research Center found that with the arrival of the White house Donald trump people in other countries are much worse treated in the United States. At the end of the ex-head of the White house Barack Obama’s approval of US actions in the international arena, said 64% of respondents. A few weeks after coming to power of Donald trump about positive attitude towards US said only 49% of respondents.

This survey was conducted in 37 countries, excluding the United States. Of the major States it was not submitted to China.