The Iraqi authorities denied information about the death of the leader of the IG

As informs TV channel Al Arabiya, with reference to the Director of intelligence and counter-terrorism operations of the interior Ministry of Iraq, Abu Ali Basri, the leader of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) is still alive and hiding in Syria. Thereby it has denied messages of the Russian authorities that al-Baghdadi was killed during a RAID HQs in Raqqa.

Basri difficult to say exactly where the leader of the terrorists, however, have suggested that he left Raqqa. According to him, Iraqi intelligence tries to track all movements of the main leaders of the “Islamic state”.

About the possible elimination of al-Baghdadi in the air strikes in Syria, the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu reported in June by President Vladimir Putin. According to him, the terrorist was killed in air strike on a building in raqqa, which brought together the leaders of the IG.

Later, the commander unit of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps of Iran, Ali Shirazi also expressed confidence the death of al-Baghdadi, however, no evidence of death of the terrorist was not presented. Iranian TV channel shows photos of the dead militants was a fake.

Later sources of the Iraqi channel Al Sumaria reported that information about the death of al-Baghdadi began to spread to the territories controlled by terrorists. Moreover, in the town of tal afar in Northern Iraq, militants have decided to declare independence from the so-called Caliphate, guided by the consideration that the main terrorist commander is no more.