The media learned about the possible withdrawal of Siemens from the Russian SP

According to the German magazine Wirtschafts Woche, citing its sources, the head of Siemens Joe KAESER is considering withdrawal from the joint venture Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies with “Power machines” and also to exit from among shareholders of the company “Interavtomatika” in which the German company owns 45.7% of the.

As said the interlocutor of the edition, Siemens created a special group that discusses this question after the scandal with the supply of gas turbines, created concern in the Crimea. In accordance with the EU sanctions, German companies are unable to supply such equipment to the Peninsula.

The representative of the company “Tekhnopromexport”, which owns a 17.3% stake in the “Interavtomatika”, refused to comment on the RBC this information.

In turn a press-Secretary Siemens Philip ENCs said the Agency “RIA Novosti” that the information contained in the article Wirtschafts Woche statements are “interpretations of the author”. According to him, the group said only that consider further implications.

For the first time that a gas turbine that could be created by Siemens, was in the Crimea, July 5, reported Reuters. On the same day, the source told RBC that the turbines with the participation of “Interavtomatika” changed automation.

Three days later Reuters reported that the contractor for the installation of turbines on the Peninsula also became a “Interavtomatika”.

Later, the company “Tekhnopromexport” (“daughter” of “Rostec”) reported that the turbines were purchased in the secondary market and modernized at the Russian enterprises.

RBC sources said that the Crimean turbines for power plants were produced on the joint venture Siemens and “Power machines”, Saint-Petersburg, but then considerably reworked in the factories “Rostec”. “The degree of modernization is so great that products can no longer carry the name of the manufacturer, it is a different product”, — says the interlocutor of RBC, close to the project participant.

On 10 July, Siemens announced that turbine was really made, however, was intended for delivery in Krasnodar Krai, not in the Crimea. Moreover, according to Forbes, the contract from 2015 had been prescribed an item on the ban on the use of established on the Petersburg SP equipment in the Crimea.

July 11, Siemens filed a lawsuit against “Technopromexport” intent to return sent to the Peninsula of the turbine.

13 July in St. Petersburg FSB officers had arrested the General Director “Power machines”, which was suspected of divulging state secrets. Source RBC, close to the company noted that, according to him, it was not connected with the case of Siemens. After questioning he was released.