“United Russia” has put forward almost 1.5 thousand candidates for the municipal elections in Moscow

“United Russia” has put forward almost 1.5 thousand candidates for the municipal elections in Moscow

MOSCOW, July 15. /TASS/. Moscow branch of “United Russia” party conference on Saturday 1478 forward candidates for the municipal elections in the capital, the correspondent of TASS.

Secretary of the Moscow branch Andrey Metelsky, speaking at the conference, said that candidates were determined based on the results of a preliminary party voting in the meetings of the electors.

“This year’s pre-vote differed in its scale, almost 8.5 thousand people took part in it, this 5.5 people in the place So it was determined 1478 winners”, he said.

The delegates of the conference during the electronic secret voting supported the list of candidates. In addition, they approved an election program of the party in the Moscow municipal elections.

The emphasis on the transparency of the elections

The main focus of capital United Russia made to the elections were fair, legitimate, transparent, said Metelsky. “It is very important for party “United Russia”, because in most cases we are accused of not only using the administrative resource, but in some fraud in the elections”, – he explained.

Metelsky said that Moscow branch of the party appealed to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin with a request to organize the surveillance of the elections and to use on sites of about 600 located in the capital of the complexes of processing of ballots. Also in the party were in favour of the election on 10 September of the technology of QR codes to simplify data entry of final reports in system gas “Elections”. The mayor has supported the initiative of “United Russia”.

“In fact involved the whole complex of electronic technology that would help conduct the campaign,” said Metelsky.

He said that “United Russia” has put forward candidates in almost all the vacant mandates. “Maybe we one or two of the mandate and not to replace, but with such a large number is an error,” he said.

Elections will be held in a single voting day on September 10 in 125 municipalities of the capital – all areas of old Moscow, with the exception of the station and in the city district of Troitsk in the New Moscow.

Earlier candidates for Yerevan elections have already made, in particular, the branch of the Communist party, LDPR, “Fair Russia” the Party of growth, “Communists of Russia”, “the green Alliance”.

United Russia will go on vacation

Moscow branch of “United Russia” decided that all candidates from the party will go on leave during the election campaign to avoid accusations of abuse of administrative resources, said Metelsky.

Earlier on Saturday, the proposal was made by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, who was elected one of the Metropolitan constituencies. Among the candidates for the municipal elections in Moscow, according to Tolstoy, there are those who occupy positions of leadership in various organizations, including budget.

“This decision of the party, the appeal to our candidates, and it is today necessarily to run,” said Metelsky.

Work on the agenda of the campaign

Candidates in the municipal deputies in Moscow from the “United Russia” must be well prepared to debate with his opponents during the election campaign and actively promote their agenda, not to become a hostage seeking to increase the citation of the media. Such advice was given to party members, the Deputy Secretary General Council of “United Russia”, Deputy of the state Duma Sergei Zheleznyak.

He noted that Moscow “is the center of political conflicts” and the attempts of various political forces to strengthen their influence. The Moscow sites are always trying to realize the various opposition political forces, the MP recalled.

“Each of you will face this during the election campaign Must be very carefully prepared it is Very important to have their own point of view, its proposals for solving the problems that exist in your neighborhood, your district,” he said.

In addition, said Zheleznyak, candidates need to understand that media and various electronic resources will try to use them “to promote their citation”. “Therefore, to become somehow a hostage to the imposed agenda, it is important for themselves to form and promote the agenda of your election campaign,” he said.

Zheleznyak urged candidates not to be afraid of journalists and social networking. “These are resources that will help you if you clearly can articulate what you will do if elected you as a Deputy”, – he stressed. The MP suggested that the candidates actively use Internet opportunities for example, to access the online foster and participate in social network groups dedicated to the district or County.