The head of the “System” promised to fulfill all obligations of the company

Moscow. July 17. INTERFAX.RU – AFK “System”, despite techdepot in the debt of 3.9 billion rubles, aims to serve all its obligations and information requirements a number of loan agreements was obliged to disclose to the requirements of the stock exchanges, said the head of the holding Mikhail Shamolin.

Earlier on Monday, the “System” declared about the occurrence of a technical default on credit obligations in the amount of about 3.9 billion rubles in connection with the arrest of shares of the Corporation in the trial with “Rosneft” and “Bashneft” (at the request of “Rosneft” in the framework of interim measures at the suit of the arrest of the belonging to the “System” and “System-invest” 31,76% in PJSC “MTS” 100% “meds” and 90,47% “BESK”).

“We plan to service all its obligations timely and in full volume, but the current situation is a direct consequence of the actions of the plaintiffs who are demanding the arrest of our assets, could not know about the origin in such cases of technical default,” said Shamolin, “Interfax”.

“In turn, we, in accordance with the requirements of the stock exchanges have been required to disclose this information. And, although no decision on the merits of the claim by the court is still pending, the Corporation has caused enormous damage as a result of filing an unprecedented amount of claims and unreasonable seizure of assets of the Corporation and illegal decision of a bailiff Olga Steel on the imposition of a ban on receiving dividends from our subsidiaries,” said Shamolin.

In the I quarter of 2017, the net debt of the corporate center “System” was 73.8 billion, a decrease of 11.6% compared to the previous quarter. Cash position of the holding amounted to 20.5 billion rubles for the I quarter of 2017 AFK “System” has got 21,2 billion rubles from the monetization of dividends from subsidiaries. The group’s revenue for the first quarter amounted to 163 billion rubles.