The number of one-day firms in Russia for the year decreased by 10 percent

Moscow. July 17. INTERFAX.RU – the Number of companies with signs of “one day”, compared to the middle of last year, fell in June 2017, almost 10%, continuing the trend of the last 5-6 years show the system data “SPARK-Interfax”.

The reduction in the number of questionable companies that can be used for tax evasion, cashing – a consequence of the actions of the FTS to identify irregularities in VAT, tightening of the registration procedure for legal entities, as well as a General increase in the risks associated with working with unreliable companies.

We hope to “Spark” the Index of due diligence (IDO) based on more than 40 factors, assesses the probability that the company does not conduct real activity, is an ephemeral or “abandoned asset”. IDO, therefore, identifies companies that, on the one hand, do not conduct real economic activity, on the other, have “mass” address, leader, telephone number, etc.

IDO as at 30 June indicates that Russia is at risk now are about 650 thousand, compared with more than 700 thousand a year ago. In 2011, the figure was 1.7-1.8 million, that is, in the high risk zone was half of the only Russian business, but at the beginning of 2015 – more than 1 million

Although one-day firms mutate and try to be like “normal” company, a General increase in transparency gives a better view of all potential risks and to warn them of potential contractors, said to “Interfax” the General Director of UK “munerman I PARTNERY” Ilya Munerman, the developer of methodology of revealing of unreliable companies.

However, he says, billions of dollars in infrastructure corruption and fraud is not in place. “In addition to trying to make unreliable companies like fair, the calculations are artificial chain consisting of 6-7 contractors between the company in need cashing, and ephemera. Each next element of the chain is used, the firm with lower (bad – if) Index of due diligence,” said Munarman.

At the same time, by data “SPARK” in Russia in recent years has doubled the number of companies, about which we can say for sure that they are real businesses and do not create risks for its partners, the number of such legal entities by the middle of 2017 exceeded 1.6 million, while in 2011 there were less than 850 thousand

According to FNS, the total number of active commercial companies, details of which are contained in the unified state register, in the first half of 2017 decreased by 1.1% – up to 3 million 854 thousand to 3 million 896 thousand the number of companies that terminated their activities in connection with the exclusion from the state register as invalid, in the first half of the year reached 227,7 thousand, 7% more than in the first half of 2016. Last year the Tax office in the fight against dubious firms excluded from registering a record 634,5 thousand, 3.7 times more than in 2015.