“VKontakte” launches July 15, the virtual operator

MOSCOW, July 14. /TASS/. Social network “Vkontakte” from July 15 starts the virtual operator VK Mobile which will work on network “Megaphone” (owns 63.8% of the voting shares Mail.ru Group, which owns the social network). This was reported TASS the press service of VK Mobile.

Virtual operator (MVNO, mobile virtual network operator) offers Telecom services under its own brand, but uses the infrastructure of another operator. This model eliminates capital investment in building its own network.

Interest in the MVNO launch, companies from different fields, there is not the first year, but in recent times, these projects began to appear more often. Now Sberbank is testing its MVNO on networks of Tele2 in St. Petersburg and plans to complete it by the fall. The commercial launch of the MVNO Sberbank is scheduled for late 2017. Also about the plans to launch MVNO on networks of Tele2 said Tinkoff Bank. At Tele2 there is also a project of the virtual operator Rostelecom, which owns a 45% Tele2.

Plans Vkontakte to launch its own MVNO project became known last year. Managing and financial Director Mail.ru Group Matthew Hammond has previously said that VK Mobile VK will be launched at the Fest, which will take place in St. Petersburg on July 15-16.

Target audience

In February of this year “the Megaphone” has closed the transaction on purchase of 63.8% of voting shares (15.2% of capital) Mail.ru the Group structures its controlling shareholder USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov and partners. Social network “Vkontakte” belonging to Mail.ru Group, also came under the control of MegaFon. The main purpose of the transaction for acquisition of control in Mail.ru Group synergy, which is expressed in intensification of cooperation between the two companies, explained in “the Megaphone”.

According to the commercial Director of “MegaFon” Vlad Wolfson, VK Mobile is designed for users of the social network, so new product will be enabled, we need exactly this audience: unlimited Internet traffic in the app “Vkontakte”, cashback to purchase the content in the social network and subscription music. Wolfson explained that the operator will work on brand differentiation: “MegaFon” will be oriented to traditional users, Yota – active young people and lovers of the Internet, and VK Mobile – for users of the social network.

Now “Vkontakte” 95 million active users per month, 67% of them from Russia, said the press service VK Mobile potential audience of the project. Forecasts for the number of MVNO subscribers in VK Mobile give did not. Financial results of the virtual operator, will be consolidated in the financial statements of MegaFon.

Beginning July 15, residents of more than a hundred Russian cities will be able to order a courier delivery of sim cards VK Mobile, make a request in the official community project “Vkontakte”. During the summer the geography of connections will be expanded. Also connect to VK Mobile will be more than 1.5 thousand points of sales across Russia, over time, their number will grow.

Subscription fee for users of VK Mobile will account for 399 rubles per month and includes unlimited access to “Vkontakte” (including embedded video from other sites and to online broadcasts), the music subscription service Boom, free calls between users of VK Mobile, a monthly set of stickers, as well as 50% cashback for purchasing stickers and gifts in a social network. In addition to the package of the Internet traffic to 2GB each subscriber can get up to 100 GB without restriction of term, sharing with friends a special code.