A former Chechen businessman told about the torture in the city hall of Grozny

Former Director of municipal unitary enterprise MUP “the Heat supply” Lom-Ali Aview spoke about the “cruel persecution to which he was subjected by the mayor of Grozny Muslim Huchiev. About it reports a press-service of the human rights centre “memorial”, which is a statement turned entrepreneur.

Filed June 5 statement Albaev asked me to help him prosecute those who violated his rights and to obtain compensation for moral and material damage. “Memorial” appealed to the Investigative Committee (SKR) and the interior Ministry with a request to verify the ex-businessman of the facts. However, since the submission of documents to the law enforcement authorities over a month has passed, no reaction, indicate that human rights defenders are not followed. “Memorial” also clarifies that he did not know how Abievym described the facts accurate.

Elbiev, write human rights, initially owned by the company “low-temperature system — NTS”, one of the customers which was the brother of the mayor of Grozny, Executive Director of the regional public Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov, Tamerlan Huchiev. In the summer of 2016 he became the head of the Grozny municipal unitary enterprise (MUP) “the Heat” which was supervised by the Deputy mayor of Grozny and his cousin Aslan Huchiev. In his statement Albiev noted that with this person he had to approve all payments to the company.

Another brother of the mayor of Beslan Huchiev was Deputy Chairman of Committee of municipal economy (kgkh) of the administration of the Chechen capital. Albiev stressed that from the very beginning of his work as Director MUP “the Heat supply” Beslan huciev tried to intervene in personnel and financial Affairs of the company. It did not stop after the Beslan huciev resigned from the Committee of the city government of Grozny, Eview indicates that tried to resist.

Albiev told human rights defenders that on 24 February 2017 Grozny mayor summoned him to a meeting, during which the businessman accused in embezzlement of funds on a large scale. The mayor noted that he was told about it Beslan Huchiev. Director of the company rejected the accusations, but the head of the city administration did not listen to businessman.

Following this meeting the head of the security service of Muslim Huchiev named Ahyan (name Albiev did not specify) and Chairman CHG rude moon came to check on objects MUP “the Heat supply”, with no other specialists was not with them. Beslan Huchiev at the same time, appreciating what he saw on the eye, claimed that installed on the enterprise equipment does not match the prices.

In the evening of the same day, wrote Albiev in the statement, it again brought to the mayor of Grozny, where he stayed with the mayor and the chief of his security detail. Huciev demanded that the businessman told him the truth. Albiev said that has nothing to do with the theft of the enterprise in which he is suspected. After that, Muslim Huchiev ordered his guards to take away the businessman in the basement of the city hall, where they handcuffed him and began to torture: kicking, sticks, batons, and tortured with electroshock. Albiev denied all charges in his direction and said that if he stole the money, I would have returned them and would not have to endure torturing yourself.

Four hours later, at midnight of the same day Albiev brought back to the mayor’s office, and then again took him to the basement of the building, where he resumed the beatings and torture by electric current. According to the businessman, it lasted until 03:00 in the morning.

In the end, as reported Albiev, he had “incriminated himself” and admitted on camera in the theft of 28 million rubles. He also pledged to return by March 1 — 10 million rubles., March 8 — 10 million rubles, the remaining 8 million rubles. the businessman promised to return by 22 March. Only after the man was released. Eview noted that all his body was covered in bruises (the pictures of the defenders will be published together with statement), as well as marks of torture with electricity. A medical examination recorded a fracture of the ribs.

By early March, according to memorial, Albiev borrowed from a friend and transferred 4 million rubles to the extortionists. The next day he got a call from the administration of Grozny demanding the return of the remaining amount, threatening “to deal not only with himself but also with his family.”

Human rights defenders in his report says that after these threats Albiev in early March of 2017 with his family left Russia “in one of the European countries”. The house of the former businessman in Chechnya began to plunder the unknown people: removed internal doors, Windows made appliances, furniture.

Chechen authorities at the time of writing not commented on RBC information published by the law-enforcement centre “memorial”.

RBC has sent an official request to the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry of Russia for information on whether studies departments to verify information about the “brutal persecution” of the former Director of the Grozny MUP Teplosnabzhenie Lom-Ali Albiev. In a press-service of the mayoralty of Grozny RBC are unable to provide a prompt review.

Currently, according to SPARK, Lom-Ali Albiev already not the head of the company “Heat supply”, the new Director of the MUP was Ahmad Adaev.