Conflict of interest participants finrynka: banks until the end of autumn you will find a alternative to the ARB

MOSCOW, July 17. /TASS/. Question reorganization, one of the existing Bank associations ( or the Association of regional banks “Russia”), or the creation of new enterprises will be discussed within 2.5-4 months.

About TASS reported the Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Alfa-Bank Vladimir Senin.

Constituent Assembly of a new Association, or Congress, reorganizing existing can take place in the fall. “It seems to me that this is for 2.5-4 months. Starting in September you can follow the theme,” said Senin.

On Monday 17 July, a number of the largest banks, including VTB, VTB 24, Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank, Gazprombank, Alfa-Bank, Bank “FC Opening” and b & n, and decided to leave the Association of Russian banks (ARB). In a joint statement, they noted a decrease in the efficiency of the activities of the Association, explaining that the poor performance of its leadership.

According to banks formed the ARB position, the conclusions and evaluations do not reflect the real opinions of all market participants. While unfounded, according to the authors, the criticism by the Association of a number of legislative initiatives and activities of the Bank of Russia to cleanse the banking market from unfair participants prevents the growth of customer confidence in the banking system and development of competition in the financial market, leading to a deterioration in the quality of banking services.

The opinion not a top banks

The heads of several banks (as provided in the CBA data is not included in the top 100 in terms of assets) do not agree with the opinion of credit institutions, considering that the effectiveness of the activities of the Association “steadily declining”. In their opinion, the value of the Association lies in the fact that it helps how to formulate a consolidated view of the banking community and provides the opportunity for each participant to Express their point of view that is not dependent on identified areas of national development.

The Chairman of the Board of Yug-Investbank (209 in assets) Sergey Ablogin denies addressed to the Tosunyan charges that ARB “does not attract a credit institution to participate in the preparation of the most important documents determining the directions of ARB”. “The reason for this demarche of credit institutions, it seems to me, is that Garegin Ashotovich took an active, principled stand on the protection of the interests of the banks with the base license. If you recall the draft law on proportional regulation, presented in the summer of 2016, and see its final version, it is clear that much has changed. Such examples are many. It’s not all like that” – quoted by ARB of his word.

The Chairman of the Board of fora-Bank (104 in assets) Sergey Balakin considers that in present conditions to find a really common position for all banks impossible. “Dissent will always be. Garegin (Tosunyan – approx. ed.) chose to protect the weak. Now strong want to punish him for it. It’s sad. In any case, this will lose all the banking community, as it is known that the more views taken into account in discussions and decision-making, the more balanced and thoughtful it eventually turns out to be” – are his words on the ARB website.

From this position of solidarity, the Chairman of the Board Neklis-Bank (291 in assets) Sergey Boriskin. “I consider it useful to participate in meetings and all events conducted by ARB. The basis of their always be issues that put the banks before the ARB. Thus, in many respects formed a consolidated opinion that the Association communicates to the regulator,” he was quoted ARB.

According to the head of Association “Russia”

According to the head of Association of regional banks “Russia” Anatoly Aksakov, the Association of two Bank associations one makes sense, but the banking community should own up to this “ripen”. “Now there is consolidation (market share) of banks becomes less, many banks are members of two associations and pay twice. And objectives we shared. But not all bankers support this idea. I have never pushed this process, because the regional and medium-sized banks fear that they will lose independence and influence in this (joint) Association,” he said.

Thus Aksakov said that will not stimulate the process of unification of associations because of the conflict in ARB. He also recalled that almost all the banks have expressed their intention to leave the ARB has already been included in the Association “Russia” (except for Sberbank and Gazprombank). However, he noted that Sberbank as the biggest Bank less all needs of the Association to protect their interests, but cooperating with it, participates in its Committee.

Replacement manual ARB will not remove the problems

In his opening address made the decision to leave the ARB banks pointed out that the responsibility for this situation carries the President of the Association. According to them, in their activities Tosunyan was largely motivated by personal interests. “Decisions are often made by the President of the Association single-handedly and are populist in nature, and the lack of calm, measured dialogue between him and credit institutions hindering the further development of the Association”, – stated in the published text of the appeal.

The replacement of the current leaders of the Association of Russian banks, the new entities will not be able to solve all the accumulated working time of the Association’s problems, says Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Alfa-Bank Vladimir Senin. “Simply replacing the leadership will not allow ARB to simultaneously solve all the problems accumulated during the existence of the Association. Necessary structural reforms, including a change in the principles of management of Association. Question about how will be built the cooperation between credit institutions after the release of ARB is under discussion,” he said.

At the same time, Tosunyan said that to resign, he is not going and the Association will continue to work, more actively attracting new members.

The position of the Central Bank

The Bank of Russia “anxiously” watching the development of the conflict around the Association of Russian banks, but does not interfere in the discussion between the banks and the leadership of the Association, said the TV channel “Russia 24” Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev.

“The Bank of Russia anxiously watching the development of this conflict and is worried about his result. However, the regulator like the Central Bank, who is not a member of any associations, by definition, should not interfere in such heated discussions between the banks and the leadership of the Association. Moreover, to give any comments would be, in my opinion, inappropriate,” he said.