Founder IGSS Nikolai Levitsky has sold its stake in the company

Nikolai Levitsky, one of the founders and former head of major Russian oil service companies IG Seismic Services (IGSS) has sold its stake in the company, said IGSS.

Of 25.83% of the company from Levitsky bought Cypriot Flaytrue Limited, the parent company of UK “Inversion”. Now the ultimate owner of this package — the General Director of “Inversion” Sergey Gilev, the message IGSS.

The transaction amount was not disclosed, on the London stock exchange is now a package worth $3.4 million. “the Deal was in the market, IGSS prospects are high,” said RBC representative of “Inversion”. IGSS is not a new asset for the company. UK “Inversion” for “sufficiently long period” ruled stake in the company in the interests of one of shareholders — company “Redmill,” said RBC representative of “Inversion”. According to him, the company sees the potential for the development of GEOTECH, therefore, has attracted several private investors and has invested his own funds in the calculation of the future growth value of the company (the names of the private investors and the scheme attracting the “Inversion” does not open). Nikolai Levitsky was unavailable for comment.

IGSS was established in December 2011 through the merger of the Russian seismic assets of companies “GEOTECH holding” Nikolai Levitsky, “Integra” and Schlumberger oilfield services assets in us. Then we became one of the largest companies in the world in the field of land seismic. In February 2014, a Levitsky increased its stake in IGSS from 29.79 to 55,82%, and in November 2015, sold a 30% stake to two strategic investors, Remwill Trade Limited and SBC Geofizika. Remwill received 15% less one share, SBC Geofizika — 15% of the company through restructuring and debt settlement Levitsky and its structures. In July 2016, Levitsky resigned as the CEO of IGSS, and in June of 2017 out of the company’s Board of Directors.

Sergey Gilev has long worked in the “FC Opening”: in 2009-2011 as chief financial officer and in 2011-2014 — head of the debt centre “Open”. Then Gilev founded his own management company “Inversion”, which specializiruetsya on the oil and gas project management and buys a new license or operating oil and gas company in a falling market. Among the projects managed by “Inversion” company “Kharyaga” Alexander Mamut, LLC “Timan-Pechora gas company”, etc. In March of 2016 Gilev has joined the Board of Directors of IGSS.

“Discovery” became a shareholder of IGSS at the end of June, when it bought the 9.99% of the group “Industrial investors” Sergey Generalova. The representative of “Discovery” told RBC that Gilev is not affiliated with the Corporation and it does not intend to increase its share in IGSS. “We are considering the purchase of a minority stake in GEOTECH (9,99% — RBC) as a portfolio investment. The OTKRITIE Bank is the lender of GEOTECH, we have a deep understanding of our business and we highly appreciate its perspectives”, — he added.

As of December 2016 25,82% of the shares of the company owned by Nikolay Levitsky, 15% plus one share “Ringill Treyd limited” and 15% “SBK Geofizika”, Schlumberger — 12% and 7,78% group Generalov’s Industrial investors group. Another 24.4% of the shares were distributed among institutional and private investors.