Kadyrov said applied to him ex-wife arrested in Turkey

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov responded to the appeal to him for help ex-husband arrested with children in Turkey the inhabitant of the Saratov region Svetlana Uhanova.

“Taking all the necessary measures for the return from Turkey of six girls”, is quoted on the website of the government of the Chechen Republic the words of the head of the region.

Earlier, on 18 July, it asked about ex-husband arrested Sergey Ukhanov. “Personally, I’m with him [Kadyrov] is not communicated, yesterday I wrote down the video address,” he explained, specifying that “purpose” he had in this case “one” — “get children”. “In the video, I told him that he should understand me as a father,” said Ukhanov.

In response, Kadyrov, as told in the press service of the government of the Republic, “in the first hours instructed on the channels to find out the real situation of the child and to take the necessary steps to ensure that the girl was in Russia.” About the situation with the Russian family, as specified in the message on the website of the local authorities, he learned from “circulated on the Internet” video message group.

“Written complaints from Sergey Ukhanov not received, but the network distributed video”, — said Kadyrov, noting also that he was “personally very concerned about the situation when she is around people, trying to join [banned in Russia] “Blissco (bessemyanka. — RBC) to the state.”

In addition, the head of Chechnya, said the authorities of the Republic, “expressed confidence” that the return of the children at home are also engaged in “competent authorities”.

“I am convinced that the Ministry of foreign Affairs and other competent authorities take the necessary measures to resolve the situation”, — he stressed. According to Kadyrov, “everyone will do what I can.” “It is important that these actions are successful. To do this, you first need to know all the details”, — concluded the head of the Republic, noting that, in his opinion, “the Turkish authorities will not hinder the objective and humane review of the incident and the decision in the interests of the girls.”

However, as explained before Ukhanov in an interview with RBC, the Russian Embassy in Turkey has repeatedly appealed to the Turkish foreign Ministry. However, “answer”, he said, “has not been received so far”.

About the arrest in Turkey Svetlana Uhanova with her two daughters and her boyfriend Eugene Kochari it became known on July 14. All of them, according to the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Ankara, this month was sent to the immigration office in the city Hatty while illegally trying to enter the territory of Syria. Father-in-law detained Valery Ukhanov then explained that in mid-June a woman with daughters and civilian spouse went on vacation to Ankara, and then passed the Russia Today TV channel, son Valeriya Utkina, and Sergey, found that they were detained.