LC denied participation in the creation of the Ukraine

The self-declared Luhansk people’s Republic did not participate in the held in Donetsk meeting where it was announced the creation of a new state under the name of little Russia, said the Chairman of the National Council LNR Vladimir Degtyarenko, according to Lugansk information center.

“Luhansk people’s Republic did not send their official delegates to Donetsk to participate in the meeting of representatives of the regions of Ukraine. Moreover, we were not even aware of the intention to hold this event with us this issue is not consistent,” said Degtyarenko.

He explained that the authorities LNR ready to discuss the issue of Ukraine in case of receipt of proposals, but noted that the feasibility of creating a new state is causing “big doubts”.

“Such decisions can only take into account the opinion of the people. In addition, today we observe the Minsk agreements are the only way”, – said the Chairman of the Parliament LNR.

Later an official denial of the involvement of the authorities to the LC to the initiative of the Ukraine was made by the press service of the head of the Republic Igor Carpentry.

“Luhansk people’s Republic did not send official representatives to participate in the consideration of the establishment of Ruthenia. This project was not even discussed with the LC. Lugansk national Republic was established by the will of the people, and we have no right to do such steps, not considering the opinion of the inhabitants of the Republic. The Republic considers it important to remain committed to the Minsk agreements will continue to require performance from Ukraine”, – said the press service.

Earlier Tuesday, the self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko announced the establishment of a new Federal state called Ruthenia, which, according to him, will include all region of present-day Ukraine.

“The new state will be called Ruthenia, as the very name Ukraine discredited itself,” – said Zakharchenko.

In the message on the website “news Donetsk Republic” claimed that in little Russia unite DNR and LNR, however, the list of those present at the meeting in Donetsk individuals official representatives of the LC has not been mentioned.

Today the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has predicted that little Russia will suffer the fate of earlier buried “the project” Novorossia.