Moscow will buy from AFK “Sistema” the largest customer of Luzhkov’s construction projects

The Federal Antimonopoly service approved the petition of JSC Mosinzhproekt (100% owned by the city construction Department of Moscow) for the purchase of 98,38% of the voting shares of OJSC “Moskapstroy”, said on the Agency’s website.

The main owner of “Moskapstroy” is AFK “System” (30,43%), slightly less — 29.99% of belongs to the General Director of the company Marina Mamontova, even 18,37% of a member of the Board of Directors of “Moskapstroy” Leonid Monosov, it follows from the SPARK database. Until the end of 2016 AFC controlled 50.3 per cent stake in the company, but then sold 19,9% of JSC “Height”.

In a press-service AFK “System” have confirmed the fact of negotiations about the sale of “Mosinzhproekt” its share in “Moskapstroy”. In a press-service of “Mosinzhproekt”, the capital building and “Moskapstroy” questions RBK not answered.

AFK Sistema bought a majority stake of “Moskapstroy” in early 2013. To change the management of the city “Moskapstroy” was one of the largest urban technical construction customers: the company’s challenges was to organize the entire process, from site selection to transfer it to the balance of the final customer, investor or city. As previously wrote “Vedomosti”, with mayor Yuri Luzhkov of “Moskapstroy” acted as the customer of construction of objects worth about 150 billion rubles, which amounted to 60% of all construction works in Moscow. In 2011 revenue reached RUB 8.3 billion with net profit of 1.8 billion rubles. According to information published in the SPARK database, in 2016, the company’s revenue decreased to 4.4 billion rubles., net profit — to 110,8 million rubles the company concluded in 2016, the contracts for the 5.4 billion against RUB 12 billion at the end of 2013, follows from the data in the SPARK database.

“Today the Belarusian authorities are global challenges was recently declared a large-scale renovation programme — the Director for development GK “Grenelle” Andrew Color. — It is not surprising that now they are strengthening their position in the construction market”. “It is obvious that company after the loss of administrative resources have lost the opportunity to major urban orders — indicates the General Director of Key Capital Sergey kamluk. Despite this “Class” contains a good Moscow construction personnel involved in significant capital projects. Their experience could be useful in implementing many large capital projects, including renovation of the five-storey housing”. The sum of transaction could not be more than 1 billion rubles, said Andrei Color. Rather, it was symbolic, suggests Sergey kamluk. “No orders, which can give Mosinzhproekt, its price tends to zero,” he explains.