Poland responded to the claim because of the law on demolition of Soviet monuments

The Polish law on demolition of Soviet monuments are intended to “break with the symbols of the totalitarian regime”, it will not affect the burial sites of Soviet soldiers. This is stated in the statement of the Polish foreign Ministry, received by RBC.

“Poland has always shown due deference and care for the graves of all the fallen soldiers, prisoners of war and internees, regardless of their nationality or the circumstances under which they arrived in Poland. The same applies to the graves of Russian and Soviet soldiers. This behavior is part of the Polish national traditions”, — said in a statement.

In the Polish foreign Ministry recalled that the bilateral relations between Poland and Russia concerning burials are regulated by the agreement on burial sites and places of memory of victims of wars and repression of 22 February 1994. This agreement provides full protection of the monuments located on the actual places of burial of Soviet soldiers, the Polish foreign Ministry stressed.

However, the statement that the agreement does not apply to symbolic memorials, which are located outside of military cemeteries and graves. Such monuments are the responsibility of local authorities.

In a statement the Polish foreign Ministry stressed that the main purpose of this amendment [to the demolition of Soviet monuments] in the law [banning the propaganda of communism and other totalitarian regimes] is to “break with the symbols of the totalitarian regime, which led to massive losses and brought a lot of suffering both Polish and Russian peoples”.

“It should be clearly emphasized that this law [banning the promotion of communism] does not apply to cemeteries or other burial places of the Soviet soldiers. Therefore the law, not to mention the amendment [of the demolition of Soviet monuments] is not aimed at the desecration of places of memory dedicated to the soldiers of the red army and other soldiers who died in battle in Poland. There is no reason that would call for the demolition of the graves of the soldiers of the red army”, — stressed the foreign Ministry of Poland.

On the eve of Polish President signed amendments to the law on prohibition of propaganda of communism and other totalitarian regimes, allowing the demolition of monuments and memorials of the Soviet era. The Russian foreign Ministry earlier called this amendment a “shameful mockery”. The Russian foreign Ministry expressed concern that the “main blow will be inflicted on monuments and other commemorative objects honouring the heroism of the red army that liberated Poland from the Nazi yoke, and the Polish people — from total extermination.”

In the Communist party, in turn, advocated the severance of diplomatic relations with Poland. The Russian defense Ministry in connection with the adoption of the law has published secret documents about the liberation of Poland from Nazi invaders by the red army soldiers in 1944-1945.