The FAS will not allow unreasonable increases in rates after the abolition of network roaming

MOSCOW, July 17. /TASS/. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Russia will not allow unjustified rise in tariffs of mobile operators after the abolition of network roaming.

About it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” said the head of Department of regulation of communications and it of the FAS Elena zaeva.

“Operators can, of course, want to refund this income (for intranet roaming – ed.) which they can lose if they cease to violate the antitrust laws. But the antitrust laws as a violation indicates an unreasonable rise in prices. The price increase associated with the desire to preserve the income that was received as a result of violation of the Antimonopoly legislation is not justified”, she said.

Earlier on Monday, the FAS announced that it has issued a warning to “the big four” mobile operators (Beeline, MTS, MegaFon, Tele2) about intranet roaming and requires to change the tariffs within 14 days. Zaeva explained to journalists that we are talking about the abolition of intranet roaming (when a subscriber moves from one region to another, however, remains in the network of one operator). According to her, the tariffs for the connection to subscribers within the network of one operator should be economically justified and should not depend on where the user is located.

In MTS, Vympelcom and Tele2 declined to comment. In “the Megaphone” has not yet responded to a request TASS.

If the operators do not fulfill the warning in the statutory period, the FAS will initiate antitrust case, said zaeva. Further, the Commission of the FAS takes a decision and, in the case of a violation, issues a prescription. The company may appeal the injunction in court, then the period of its execution will be suspended.

Zaeva explained that if the operators in time to fulfill the requirement, the administrative responsibility comes, and the penalty will not be assigned. However, if the FAS filed a case and recognize the fact of violation to operators for administrative responsibility, she added.

National roaming

Earlier head FAS Igor Artemyev in an interview with TASS said that the Agency will achieve the complete abolition of roaming charges in Russia. There are now national and on-net roaming, and a separate roaming in the Crimea. Intranet roaming is valid within one network on the territory of the whole country and different regions. National roaming is valid when the network provider is not in any region.

Zaeva noted that the FAS had not yet expressed a position in respect of national roaming – where a subscriber pays more, when traveling to another region and gets into the network of another operator.