Vedomosti: S7 can close some of the flights due to the lack of meteorological support

Vedomosti: S7 can close some of the flights due to the lack of meteorological support

MOSCOW, July 18. /TASS/. Airline S7 may close part of the flight due to disagreements with the fgbi “Asiamerica of Roshydromet”, which last week ceased to provide airlines and the international information systems (SITA, Jeppesen) meteorological information for a large number of airports. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the statement of the General Director of airline “Siberia” (together with the airline “globe” is included in the S7 Group), Vladimir Obyedkov.

Information also confirmed two managers of “Ural airlines”.

Currently, “Asiamerica” for international distribution prepares weather reports for 19 of the largest Russian airports, although I was prepared for 56. “Ural airlines” from fsbi are not working since 2012 and received all the information from SITA. Now her number is very limited, explained one of the interlocutors of the newspaper.

Their actions “Asiamerica” explains that his services are not paid, says the Leftovers. But by order of the Ministry of transport from March 24 fee for meteorological information included in the air navigation fees that airlines pay to the state Corporation for air traffic management (ATM Corporation). And then she herself pays for the work of the fsbi. To pay a “Aviabellanca” the airlines now there is no legal basis, these payments could not be attributed to the expenses and this would mean double payment services, continues the top Manager of the company. Meanwhile, “Asiamerica” put the S7 account from 24 March to tens of millions of rubles.

CEO “Asianetcom” Marina Petrov and a representative of the state Corporation ATM saying that weather reports still have to pay “Aviabellanca”. According to Petrova, in addition to S7 and Ural airlines, all airlines, including “Aeroflot” has signed contracts with fsbi receive meteorological information.

The list of airports for which reports are available for international exchange has been adjusted by Ministry of transport. Previously, he was too wide, it turned out, Russia is a wasteful attitude to their information, explained Petrov.

However, as noted by another senior Manager of the airline, controlled by the state, they had to sign a contract with “Aviatechmas” because, despite the order of the Ministry of transport, the authority to provide summaries of the state Corporation were not transferred. “At a meeting with Deputy Minister of transport Valery Okulov, on 7 July, we said that in August all the same we’ll tear up the contract with “Aviatechmas”, as the need to obtain reports from the Corporation. In response Okulov has sent letters to all the airlines asking the treaties do not break,” – said the interlocutor of the newspaper.