Banks began payments to depositors of “Ugra”, despite the protests of the Prosecutor General

MOSCOW, July 20. /TASS/. Agent banks have begun insurance payments to depositors of the credit institution “Ugra”, despite the protests of the Prosecutor General to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on introduction of temporary administration and a moratorium on payments to creditors of the Bank.

The actions of the state office of public Prosecutor became a surprise for the Bank of Russia and Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) appointed as a temporary administration in the “Yugra”, and for agent banks. According to Mikhail Zadornov, the head of one of them – VTB24 – after protests, the Central Bank and the DIA had initially decided to suspend payments to depositors, but consultations on this issue continued until midnight. The outcome was a rejection of the idea to suspend payments.

“From my point of view, it was the only possible solution for one simple reason. Really, the Bank “Ugra”, since the introduction of the interim administration, oversees the interim administration, and not the previous owners. Any ambiguity in this responsibility raises questions from the point of view of who is responsible for the condition of the Bank and questions, of course, at investors”, – commented on the situation Zadornov.

In turn, the head of the Federation Council Committee on budget and fenningham Sergey Ryabukhin assured that regardless of future developments, investors “Ugra” you can not fear for their money, as customers of the Bank are protected by the system of insurance of contributions.

The warning of the Prosecutor General and the invitation of the leadership of the DIA

A source in banking circles told TASS that on the eve of the Prosecutor General’s office also warned the DIA about inadmissibility of carrying out of insurance payments to depositors of the Bank “Ugra”. In its warning, the regulator stressed that in case of continuation of pay “may be considered the issue of bringing to justice.”

While on Thursday the leadership of the Prosecutor General planned to discuss the situation around the payments with the head of the DIA Yuri Isaev. However, as reported TASS a source familiar with the situation, nor Isaev, nor his representatives on the conversation never came.

In addition, as reported by TASS representatives of the Bank “FC Opening” and “URALSIB”, no letter from the DIA to suspend the payments they had received. The agricultural Bank also said that continuing to accept applications for insurance benefits, go reimbursement and VTB24. In the call-center of Sberbank on the question of whether suspended payments to depositors of the Bank “Ugra”, said, that this subject should apply directly to the DIA.

Thus, payments on Thursday started to produce all assigned to the agent banks. While on the first day “reported” only VTB24. So, the credit institution has paid 10 billion rubles of insurance compensation, accounting for 15% of total compensation. The Bank’s branches across the country turned 10,5 thousand people, most of whom (72%) left the funds received on accounts and deposits with VTB24.

Investors are protected by law

The situation around the “Yugra” will not affect the depositors of the Bank as their savings are protected by Deposit insurance system. Moreover, the decision for payment has not been canceled, said Senator Ryabukhin. He also reminded that the grounds for termination of interim administration in the Bank can only be a decision of the court.

“A moratorium imposed in connection with the appointment of the provisional administration. Cancellation is only possible after the recognition of the illegal decision on the interim administration by the court. Decision on payments is not canceled, it is insured event that is defined by law as a result of the moratorium,” – said the member of the Federation Council.

Implications for DIA

The warning of the Prosecutor General’s office to the address of the ASV does not mean recognition of the Agency guilty of ASV the beginning of payment, according to the law, TASS said partner of the law Bureau A2 Mikhail Alexandrov. The same position is shared by the President of the Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunyan.

“Of course, there is nothing criminal or some out of the ordinary from the ASV is not visible, because DIA operates by the logic of what is usually guided after the introduction of the interim administration, when the law, two weeks later, should begin payments,” – said TASS Tosunyan the situation around the “Ugra”. In his opinion, in the event of failure of the DIA to suspend insurance payments, the Agency will have to face the responsibility, only administrative. With it agree also the head of the Association of regional banks “Russia” Anatoly Aksakov.

In conversation with the correspondent of TASS Aksakov noted that representatives of the Prosecutor General, the Bank of Russia and ASV should sit at the negotiating table and to resolve issues.

The official response from the Bank of Russia to the protests of the Prosecutor General’s office is expected on July 21.