CNN: U.S. companies are asking to change the bill of the USA on sanctions against Russia

NEW YORK, July 20. /TASS/. A number of major US companies in favour of amendments to the bill to toughen sanctions against Russia, expressing concern that its adoption in its current form could adversely affect American business. This was announced on Thursday the broadcaster CNN.

According to her, the list is quite extensive. It includes, in particular, the aerospace Corporation, Boeing, Citigroup, operators of payment systems Visa and Mastercard, oil and gas Corporation ExxonMobil, General Electric energy, automaker Ford, Dow chemical, Procter & Gamble and others.

According to CNN, these companies are not advocating a complete rejection of the bill, but I think that individual provisions could harm American businesses. Their representatives are engaged in discussions with the congressmen and try to seek changes in the draft document.

Under consideration in the us Congress tough new package of sanctions against Russia over its alleged interference in the political process in the United States was previously approved by the Senate, but not yet considered by the House of representatives.

If the document is accepted and sanctions will be expanded, the Russian banks, in particular, will not be able to have U.S. companies and individuals financing of longer than 14 days. Term of financing Russian oil and gas companies will be reduced to 30 days. The bill also specifies that, in future, sanctions can be imposed on the state debt of Russia.