ExxonMobil disagrees with the decision of the Ministry of Finance of the USA about the penalty

ExxonMobil disagrees with the decision of the Ministry of Finance of the USA about the penalty

WASHINGTON, July 20. /TASS/. ExxonMobil does not agree with the actions of the U.S. Treasury Department, nailudshego her a penalty of $2 million under the pretext of violation of previously entered Washington’s anti-Russian sanctions. This is stated in the written statement of the company, which was submitted on Thursday an official representative of bill Holbrook in the TASS office in Washington.

“[Current] Department of the [U.S. Treasury] of foreign assets control is fundamentally unfair,” reads the document.

It States that “[the company] ExxonMobil followed the clear instructions of the White house and the Ministry of Finance, when its representatives signed the documents relating to current activities [for the extraction] of oil and gas in Russia with Rosneft – unblocked organization.” From “Rosneft” the signature to these documents placed in his official as its head Igor Sechin, confirmed its firm ExxonMobil.

“These instructions were reaffirmed on 16 may 2014 the official representative of the Ministry of Finance, which cited the fact that the American head of the [company] BP was allowed to participate in the meeting of the Board of Directors of Rosneft with Sechin, if [such] activity refers to the business of “Rosneft” and not personal Sechin,” says ExxonMobil. According to her testimony, “all legal documents, mentioned [Thursday] by the Department of foreign assets control, apply only to the business of “Rosneft”.

“Taking into account the information published today”, it can be concluded that “the division of foreign assets control of the [U.S. Treasury] trying to retroactively enforce a new interpretation” of the sanctions imposed first by the us administration against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, said in a statement. While ExxonMobil believes that such actions “do not meet the clear and unambiguous guidance from the White house and the Ministry of Finance”, which “is still publicly available today”. In support of its position, the firm also refers to one of the background documents to the White house, the information set out in the briefings for journalists at the White house and the Ministry of Finance, the statements of Antony Blinken, who was at that time the post of first Deputy Secretary of state, aired on PBS and the number of publications in the American press.

On the question of whether ExxonMobil standing to challenge this step of the Ministry of Finance in court, Holbrook has not yet responded. He, however, added that ExxonMobil intends shortly to make further comments on the case.