Medvedev urged to optimize funds for defense and nuclear industry

MOSCOW, July 20. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged to carefully analyse the use of funds for defense, aerospace and nuclear industry.

He stated this at a meeting on Federal budget spending for 2018 and the planned period 2019-2020 in the development of defence, space and nuclear industries.

According to him, in each of the state programs, there are opportunities to optimize resources. “Once again, you need to carefully analyse the use of the funds. The money that we spend on the defense industry, atomic industry, space industry, give a good return. However, in each of the state programs, there are opportunities for certain optimizations”, – said Medvedev.

“What I want to draw attention, firstly, it is necessary to maintain the country’s defense, this is an obvious thesis, and keep the pace of re-equipping the army and Navy with modern equipment and weapons”, – said the head of the Cabinet. It is also necessary to stimulate the inflow of technology developments dual use of the defense projects to civil and Vice versa, he added. In his opinion, in those sectors where it is technically justified, it is necessary to expand and continue the program of import substitution.

“Government customers have offers on financing. We, of course, discuss, decide the possibilities of redistribution”, – he said.

The growth of the defence industry

As noted by the head of government, defense industry shows steady growth. “At the end of last year by more than 10% successfully implemented the state defense order, and reached a record of its execution in history – the 99%”, – said the Prime Minister.

There are new modern production, the Russian defense industry really produces a “complex, high-tech and, most importantly, competitive products, the quality, reliability, price is often superior to their foreign counterparts,” said Medvedev. “Therefore, we occupy a leading position, second place on the world arms market”, – said the Prime Minister.

He also told about the successes in the space industry. “We earned the first civilian spaceport “Vostochnyi”. Since it has launched rocket “Soyuz”. Now at the cosmodrome, a second pad for heavy missiles “Angara”, – said Medvedev.

According to him, the nuclear weapons complex is also working successfully, including under the import substitution program. “It is important to support these positive trends. We provide the sector with targeted financial support. Now we need to decide how we are going to develop defence industry in the future, what needs to take place”, – concluded the Prime Minister.

The meeting

The meeting was attended by Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin, Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolai Nikiforov, energy Minister Alexander Novak, and the Ministers of economic development Maxim Oreshkin and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, Chairman of the accounting chamber Tatyana Golikova. Among the participants were Director General of Rosatom Alexey Likhachev, the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov and General Director of Rostec Sergey Chemezov.