Parfenchikov told Medvedev about the plans for socio-economic development of Karelia

Parfenchikov told Medvedev about the plans for socio-economic development of Karelia

MOSCOW, July 20. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had a working meeting with acting Governor of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov, who spoke on the prospects for socio-economic development of the Republic.

“Acquainted with the situation. Drove all districts, met with labor collectives, with a population of our towns, remote villages, so the situation is already present,” said Parfenchikov was appointed on 15 February. According to him, the authorities of the region face a number of important strategic objectives. “First and foremost, now is the optimization of the budgetary sphere of the Republic. We now densely work with the Ministry of Finance. I think we are in August already come to certain decisions which will allow us to determine our budget prospects for the coming years. It will be a platform for those tasks about which we just spoke,” – said the acting head of the Republic.

According to him, there are “certain points of growth” in forest management, timber processing. “We intend to work with in terms of implementation of intensive forest management. There are a number of interesting projects that are interested in large Bank structures, development of deep timber processing on the territory of the Republic. I believe that this is a serious prospect,” said Parfenchikov.

In addition, it remains an important area of work mining enterprises, agriculture. “We still see with all the complexity in which the industry is in Karelia, prospects of dairy farming” – said the acting Governor of the Republic. According to him, the industry of agriculture is very important for the social sphere. “I drove through the areas, there are issues of employment, salaries in rural areas. In my opinion, are the prospects with the milk processing”, – he stressed.

The acting Governor of Karelia also touched on the topic of tourism. “We believe that maybe in the future a third of the GDP of the Republic should be formed at the expense of the rail”, – noted Parfenchikov, adding that the Republic’s authorities are working closely with the Federal tourism Agency to implement the Federal program until 2019. Clusters form tourist and historical sites. Forming programs for the years 2019-2025, the Republic’s authorities want to give serious consideration, in particular, the white sea cluster, told Parfenchikov.

With regard to education, the Republic this year, “tight schedule.” In particular, in Petrozavodsk there is a construction of the presidential cadet school. “We have September 1 to take it. Here working closely together with the Ministry of education. With all the complicated chart I also believe that on August 25 we will launch,” said Parfenchikov. He noted that the population of Karelia this object is very important because in the future, thousands of children from remote areas will be able to get quality education in the cadet school.