The Bank signed 15 agreements on the MAX-2017

ZHUKOVSKY /Moscow region/, July 20. /TASS/. The Bank signed 15 agreements for the three-day business program of the International aviation and space salon (MAKS-2017 ) with various companies, including enterprises of the military-industrial complex. This was announced Thursday by TASS Chairman of the Board of Novikombank Elena Georgieva.

“Planned to sign 12 agreements with industry leaders. After three days signed for 15. Moreover, most of them filled with concrete content in the form of loans and Bank guarantees,” said Georgieva.

The total volume of transactions signed by the Bank to the MAX, has made some tens billions roubles.

A quick solution

During the air show Vnesheconombank and Novikombank have agreed on joint support to investment projects with the aim of diversification of the defence industry. The agreement envisages the possibility of syndicated loan projects of Rostec in the diversification of the defence industry.

“We know all these companies, we know how they are doing investment appraisal of all these projects, we are deeply involved. We simply calculate all the risks in this case, therefore, a key advantage of Novikombank, we can very quickly make the decision,” added Georgieva.

She explained that as part of diversification, the Bank that was financing the revival of the machine – tool industry, where “will do highly intelligent civilian products”

Key partners

By Novikombank to the MAX has signed agreements UAC, UEC, “Irkut”, “Schwab”, “Helicopters of Russia” and other enterprises.

Including “shvabe”, the Bank will open a credit line for a period of 3 years. The money will go to working capital and financing contracts. With the “Helicopters of Russia”, the Bank signed an agreement for 3 billion rubles to Finance the statutory activities of the holding.

“Novikombank finances the working capital of the enterprises, export contracts and the work under the state defense order. And we have the best service because of our individual approach, we do not have an electronic queue, and there is direct contact,” said Georgieva.

“In addition, we have updated the range of salary for employees – we have one of the best deals in the market,” she added.


The Bank provides comprehensive services for aviation and other industrial companies across the whole spectrum of banking services, including financing, warranty support, investment of funds, maintenance contracts, etc., the Bank is the authorized Bank to service the execution of the state defense order.

As of 1 July 2017 the total amount of funding allocated by the Bank to industrial enterprises exceeded 90 billion rubles, including through the aircraft – 48 billion. The Bank also provided the enterprises of the aviation industry guarantees worth more than 10 billion rubles.