The U.S. government has denied the words of the Mask permit the creation of bullet train

The U.S. government has denied the words of the Mask permit the creation of bullet train

WASHINGTON, July 21. /TASS/. Municipalities in new York, Washington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore denied the statements of entrepreneur Elon musk to grant him prior permission to implement on the East coast of the U.S. the construction project of bullet train.

The first time I hear

The power of all four cities in which the head of the companies, SpaceX, and Tesla would like to connect with a fundamentally new rail transportation, stated that they had no contact with Musk about such plans. Municipalities are three of the largest cities in the mid-Atlantic region USA – Washington, new York and Philadelphia reported Thursday the LA Times that he first heard about the initiative. And the mayor of Baltimore Katherine Drink in a brief written statement assured that “glad to hear” about the offer the Mask to connect new York with Washington through that city. “If his plan becomes reality, it will have a huge potential to create new opportunities for Baltimore” – says Drink.

“No one in city hall or any of its departments [anything] have not heard from Mask or representatives of his company,” – said Ben Sarlat – Deputy press Secretary of the mayor of new York. According to him, it would be “premature” to build any guesses about the implementation of the project Hyperloop, as the mayor of new York bill de Blasio are completely unaware of the proposals in this regard. “We also first hear about it,” admitted an official representative of the mayor of Washington, Latonya foster.

As noted, in turn, the representative of the municipality of Philadelphia Mike Dunn, they don’t know what is meant by Musk, when announcing the receipt of “oral government consent” to implement the idea of establishing a bullet train in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA. “Before this untested technology “hyperpoetry” will become a reality, it must overcome a lot of [administrative] barriers,” stated Dunn.

Statements Mask

According to the investor and the inventor of the Mask belonging to him The Boring Company received permission from the U.S. authorities on the construction of the tunnel, with the discharged air, which he called the Hyperloop himself, between new York and Washington. Moving in tunnel high-speed passenger train will be able to overcome 250 km between two cities in 29 minutes, according to the head of the companies, SpaceX, and Tesla, who is in the development of spacecraft.

“Just received verbal approval of the government for the construction of The underground Boring Company line “hyperpoetry” new York – Philadelphia – Baltimore – Washington. The line will run from center of one city to the center of the other. Each will create up to a dozen elevators for entry and exit,” tweeted Musk. He later corrected the statement, adding: “there is still a lot of work for official approval, but I am very optimistic about the chances that this will happen quickly.”

About the project

The project trains Hyperloop was proposed by Musk in 2012. His idea is that in the pipes above ground where the air is extremely rarefied, with a small interval and a speed of up to 1220 km/h will travel capsule with passengers or cargo. The capsule does not concern the pipe wall owing to the effect of an airbag. For the implementation of the project was undertaken by the company, later called Hyperloop One.

According to the developers, the project costs will be much lower than in the construction of railroads with trains on a magnetic cushion. Musk has previously said he believes it is possible for about $6 billion to build over 10 years “hyperpoetry” between the Californian cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In Russia as a pilot project examines the construction of 65-km branch Hyperloop for the route Hunchun (China) – Zarubino port.