Georgia for six months has increased export of alcohol in half

Moscow. July 21. INTERFAX.RU Georgia in January-June 2017 exported 40 million 911,5 thousand liters of alcoholic beverages, which is 54% higher than the same period in 2016, according to the national statistics service. Exports of grape wine grew by 63.6% to 24 million 697,8 thousand litres of alcohol and alcoholic beverages – 42.3%, to 16 million 213,7 thousand liters.

According to the statistical offices, the revenue from exports of alcoholic beverages for six months of the current year amounted to $121.1 million (an increase of 41,3%), including from exports of grape wine received $70.7 million (an increase of 53%), alcoholic beverages and alcohol – $50.4 million (an increase of 27.6%). In the total volume of country’s export revenue from the supply of alcoholic beverages on foreign markets grew 9.8%.

In January-June 2017 the supply of Georgian wine was carried out in 44 countries (compared to 40 countries in the first half of last year), alcohol and alcoholic drinks, in 17 countries (13 countries). The largest importer was Russia, which purchased 14 million 981,5 thousand liters of wine (60.7% of total wine exports) and 2 million liters of 588,6 thousand spirits (16% of exports).

As previously reported, in 2016, Georgia exported 56 million 450,2 thousand liters of alcoholic beverages, which is 60% more than the year before. Wine exports amounted to 37 million 602,3 thousand litres (an increase of 38.5%), alcohol and spirits – 18 million 847,3 thousand liters (growth-2.3 times). The share of Russia last year accounted for more than half of total exports of Georgian alcoholic products.