Sberbank on Thursday paid to depositors of “Ugra” 21.8 billion rubles

Sberbank on Thursday paid to depositors of “Ugra” 21.8 billion rubles

Moscow. July 20. INTERFAX.RU – Sberbank of Russia as of 18:00 Moscow time on Thursday paid customers of the Bank “Ugra” insurance compensation on deposits in a total amount of 21.8 billion rubles, told “Interfax” the press service of the Bank.

For all payments we have received 24 thousand 131 people. The Bank also took 185 “statements of disagreement”. What I do not agree applicant’s press service said. VTB 24 earlier reported that the first day of made payment on insured event “Ugra” for 10 billion rubles. Only VTB 24 have to compensate customers for the amount of 66.5 billion rubles. For insurance compensation July 20, appealed 10.5 thousand people, the Bank expects a circulation of around 104 thousands of customers “Yugra”. Insurance payments under the “Yugra” are made through VTB24, Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank, Bank “FC Opening” and Bank “URALSIB”.

As previously reported, on June 1, individuals held in “Yugra” deposits in the amount of 181,5 billion rubles, of which the potential payments to depositors are estimated at 169,2 billion.

On Wednesday evening, hours before the start of insurance payments to depositors of the Bank, it became known that the Prosecutor General challenged the legitimacy of the actions of the regulator in respect of the Bank “Ugra”.

In protest of the state office of public Prosecutor asks to cancel the orders of the Central Bank on the introduction of temporary administration in the Bank “Ugra” and the moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of its creditors. About results of consideration of the protest, the Prosecutor General’s office asked the Central Bank to inform the Supervisory authority prior to July 21, and during the period of examination is to suspend the activities of the transitional administration and the implementation of insurance payments.

The Prosecutor General’s office indicated that the Central Bank in the implementation of oversight and inspections, “Ugra” has not revealed violations of mandatory standards and, thus, grounds for the appointment of an interim administration in the Bank are missing.

The oversight office notes that the main shareholder of “Severstal” in 2016-2017 repeatedly carried out the capitalization of the Bank, and invested about $1 billion. According to the prosecution, the interim administration will result in damage to the Federal budget in connection with the implementation of insurance payments in the amount of about 170 billion rubles, will reduce the availability of credit to small and medium businesses, speed up inflationary pressures and worsen the investment climate.

This is the first case where the Prosecutor General’s office appealed the Supervisory measures of the Central Bank towards the Bank.

The Central Bank, commenting on the Supervisory response measures. against the “Ugra”, said that the Bank had evidence of the unreliability of reporting, as well as signs of withdrawal of assets and manipulation of the deposits.