Pamfilova called “Apple” not “parasite” on the idea of the abolition of the “municipal filter”

Pamfilova called “Apple” not “parasite” on the idea of the abolition of the “municipal filter”

MOSCOW, July 19. /TASS/. The Chairman of the party “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov “parasite” on the initiative of other parties and the Central election Committee for the abolition of the “municipal filter” in gubernatorial elections, the CEC has advocated this repeatedly and turned with the idea of repeal to the President of the Russian Federation. This was stated Wednesday at the meeting, the Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova.

So she commented on the statement of the party “Yabloko” that the head of the Central election Commission “covers” the “municipal filter” and puts pressure on the Sverdlovsk election Commission in connection with participation in the gubernatorial elections of the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman. Pamfilova admitted that at first did not want to respond to that statement, but “this is not the first time”, “come somewhere”, and the situation must “disassemble”.

“That is the statement, in my opinion, absolutely untenable professionally and politically unscrupulous unfortunately, the current leader of the party Ms. Slabunov, as we have witnessed over the years, had made it a practice to cling to others’ initiatives and to parasitize on them,” – said Pamfilova.

She noted that the CEC was actively engaged in the complaints “Apple” in the last election. “It’s basically an insignificant amount specifically from the representatives of the “Yabloko”, who were witnesses [of violations]. Basically, they took everything from the Internet, other people’s facts, compiled everything, I believe, and parasitized arranged in this PR campaign”, – said the CEC head.

A similar situation exists with the abolition of the “municipal filter”, which began to speak “Apple,” said Pamfilova. “The CEC after consultations with all political parties that participated in the elections, and after the scientific-practical conference came to the President with an initiative to review certain legislation, including the filter. Exactly, at my request, the President gave such an order, and the working group operates with the participation of the parties, that at my request the Chairman of the “Yabloko” Slabunov were invited to this working group,” – said Pamfilova.

She added that many of the party much earlier criticized the “municipal filter”, all agree that this rule should be reconsidered. “So no need to usurp someone else’s work and others’ initiatives and to run ahead of the locomotive, which is already long overdue,” said Pamfilova, adding that the statement “Apple” “direct insult” her as Chairman of the CEC, which is “absolutely untrue”.

On the nomination Roizman

While Pamfilova called “Apple” do not mix imperfection “municipal filter” and a violation of the procedures for the nomination of Eugene Roizman.

Roizman was nominated by the Bureau of the Yabloko party candidate for Governor of the Sverdlovsk region June 21, after the powers of the regional offices was suspended. In the CEC subsequently stated that the Bureau of the party had no right to nominate a candidate for Governor, as it is not provided by Federal laws. In the “Apple” with the complaints, the CEC did not agree.

July 18, Roizman said that cannot collect the required for passing the “municipal filter” number of signatures of municipal deputies, and stops the election campaign. “The situation with the filter and the collection of signatures is one problem. But another thing – the procedure for the nomination must also be pure. The more I know, Yabloko is a lot of very highly qualified lawyers who have always fought and advocated for legal purity,” – said Pamfilova.

She noted that the party “very much sway” and made Roizman much later than many of its competitors who have had more opportunities to work and collect those signatures. At the same time, stressed the head of the CEC, Roizman friendly treated in the regional electoral Commission. “In any case, if we closed our eyes and went against the law, if Mr Roizman has collected these signatures, registered his election Committee, still sure there would be people, especially since they have such strife go within “Apple”, which would be filed in the court, and is already collecting signatures, he would be removed from the race,” – said the CEC head.

She explained that the Central election Commission tried to prevent it, rendering “Apple” “methodological assistance”. “The CEC is interested in competitive elections, despite the difficulties with this filter,” – said Pamfilova. She also drew attention to the contradictions in the statements Roizman. So, according to Pamfilova, at the beginning he said that the signatures no and then stated that he had already gathered two-thirds of the signatures.

“Well then, once identified, Mr Roizman. Or still, if you knew from the beginning that the signatures are not, then maybe from the beginning it’s necessary to declare his position, not to rush here and there. But if people had already started to collect signatures, so, probably, it was necessary to work intensively,” – said Pamfilova. She stressed that she’s sorry that Roizman is not involved in these elections. “But these situations need to go even worthy of a failed candidate”, – concluded the head of the Commission.