Expert: penalty ExxonMobil is an attack against US Secretary of state

NEW YORK, July 24. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Penalty to ExxonMobil Corporation for violation of anti-Russian sanctions is an attempt by opponents of the current administration to attack U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson Rex – the former head of this company. This opinion was expressed in the interview with TASS, Professor of political science at Tennessee state University Andrei Korobkov.

He stressed that “every action of the American political elite today has a “double bottom” and is primarily the reason for the attack on President Donald trump”. “Elites perceive trump as a systemic threat to their privileges and ready to fight with him on the basis of the principle “all means are good”, – stated the expert. In his opinion, “this applies to almost all categories of the elite, including professional politicians, and mass media and show business, and financial capital”.

“The only group of the elite, which sees trump as an ally – they are representatives of the “real sector” of the economy, industrial capital. It is not surprising that they are today under attack – said the Professor. – Attack on ExxonMobil in this regard, particularly characteristic, because it allows to directly “hook” the upper echelons of the administration, the most prestigious post of Secretary of state, which belongs to Rex Tillerson – the former head of the largest company in the world”.

The analyst noted that trump is currently opposed to the pressure from these groups, elites in particular, and among other Republicans. In addition, the American leader “has to deal with fierce resistance and direct sabotage in the ranks of the formally subordinate to Executive power – as the remaining “inheritance” to political appointees [ex-President Barack] Obama, and among professional bureaucrats, many of whom are extremely hostile to the “upstart” [Trump]”.

U.S. Department of the Treasury July 20, said about the charge ExxonMobil penalty in the amount of $2 million under the pretext of breaches of her anti-Russian sanctions imposed in connection with events in Ukraine. According to the Department, the violation of sanctions occurred in may 2014, when the leaders of ExxonMobil subsidiaries did business with the individuals included in the blacklist of the United States, including with the President of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. The head of ExxonMobil at the time was Tillerson.

In ExxonMobil expressed its disagreement with the actions of the Ministry of Finance and declared their intention to challenge the decision in court. The head of the press service of the Department of state Heather Nauert assured July 20 at a regular briefing for journalists that Tillerson “continues to abide by its ethical obligation, including a disengagement from the Affairs associated with ExxonMobil”.