Main PR of the White house deleted the tweets criticizing ideas trump

New communications Director of the White house, Anthony’s Scaramucci after appointment to this post has removed some of his old tweets. This was the head of PR-service of administration of Donald trump wrote on his Twitter page.

“Full transparency: I remove the old tweets. My past views have evolved should not distract. I serve the program of the President of the United States, and that’s important,” he wrote.

Edition of the Washington Post analyzed the content of the deleted tweets Scaramucci their revitali other users. In remote messages, he expressed views that were at odds with the views of the President of the United States on issues such as gun control, climate change, against Islam and illegal immigration.

Most of the tweets, the publication is rather old and refer to the electoral campaigns of 2011-2012, however, there are indications that he wrote at the time, while in the United States was the election campaign of 2016.

For example, in one of the deleted tweets of the end of 2011 it was said that Scaramucci supports the decision of Governor MITT Romney to stay away “from the show, which made a trump.” Then he called “strange guy” with no opinion of an ally trump newt Gringich.

In April 2012 Scaramucci wrote: “If Hillary continues in this spirit, it can return to the game in 2016. I hope she will participate, she is incredibly competent.”

In addition, remote message he has repeatedly expressed opposite ideas trump looks. For example, in 2015, he tweeted critical remarks about plans for the construction of a wall on the border of USA and Mexico.

“Walls don’t work. This never has been and never will be. The Berlin wall 1961-1989 was destroyed”, — quotes his tweet to The Washington Post. In 2016, he also expressed regret that “many people” still believe that “global warming is a hoax”, and stated that “you can take steps to combat climate change, without causing damage to the economy”.

In addition, in 2015 Scaramucci during his interview with Fox Business Network called trump a “bully” and said that he didn’t like the way trump treats women. “I’ll tell you, whose President he is, you can tell Donald I said that. He is President of the Association of bullies Queens County,” said Scaramucci. Since Scaramucci repeatedly publicly apologize to trump for that remark, indicates The Washington Post.

Anthony’s Scaramucci-the head of PR service of the White house on Friday, July 21. After his appointment to this position from the post of press Secretary of the President of the United States left Sean Spicer, who said that he was not satisfied with the new head.

In the past Scaramucci worked at the investment Bank Goldman Sachs. In 2016 Scaramucci joined the team of trump and helped the candidate in presidents of the United States to raise funds for his campaign.

The previous Director of public relations of the administration of U.S. President Mike Dubke resigned in late may.