• July 24, 2017
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The Ambassador of Qatar Russia predicted the role of one of the main trading partners

Russia will become one of the main economic partners of Qatar, said the Ambassador of the Emirate in Russia Fahad Mohammad al Attiyah in an interview to “RIA Novosti”.

According to him, Qatar is working to strengthen economic ties with Russia and other countries in order to build “a more sustainable and flexible economy” is more diversified, “compared to one that was until recently,” and more independent from other countries.

“And Russia certainly will, I would say, one of the main partners in this new plan for economic development,” he said.

June 5, 2017 Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, the Maldives and Mauritius announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar. They were later joined by Mauritania, and the Comoros.

Influential Gulf countries had accused Qatar of supporting terrorism and interference in their internal Affairs, then introduced in relation to the Doha trade blockade.

Later, four countries — Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt — Doha put forward a list of 13 demands. Among them, the severance of relations with Qatar is prohibited in Russia organizations “Hezbollah”, “Muslim brotherhood”, “al-Qaeda” and “Islamic state”. In addition, the Arab countries have stated that Qatar should eliminate the TV channel Al Jazeera and close military bases of Turkey in the territory of Qatar.

From Doha, also demanded to sever diplomatic relations with Iran and to expel all members of the revolutionary guards — an elite special unit of the Iranian armed forces. The fulfillment of all requirements of Qatar was given ten days.

Qatar to meet the requirements refused, in response, the Arab countries decided to continue the boycott of Doha.

On 20 July, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, signed a decree on additional measures to combat terrorism. In particular, the legislation has introduced a definition of terrorism, terrorist organizations, and the rules on freezing funds belonging to them and combating the financing of terrorism.

The next day the Emir for the first time since the crisis became public. He announced that his country is ready for dialogue, but “respect the sovereignty” of Qatar. However, he said that the campaign against Qatar were “planned in advance”, and its aim was to discredit Doha in the eyes of the world. He also said that “the plan failed” because in the end, “no one believed anticatarrhal propaganda.”