The Congress called on to investigate the method of struggle of Russia with shale oil

According to the publication Politico, two members of the house of representatives Lamar Smith and Randy Weber — wrote an appeal to the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin to investigate the financing of Kremlin-stock environmental organizations against the extraction of shale oil in the United States. The congressmen believe that Russia is trying to attack the energy sector of the United States.

The publication notes that this topic has been raised a few years ago, but got a sequel in early June, when the materials appeared including Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

Environmentalists call themselves the statements of Smith and Weber lies. “If Republicans really want to investigate something, let them deal with Russia’s intervention in our elections, and do not attack environmentalists,” said Melinda pierce, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, accused of receiving money from Moscow.

“It’s all a lie. We haven’t received any help from Russia. For 45 years we are fighting for the protection of the environment. The current treatment is only the attempt of some Republicans to divert attention from the subject of the Russian intervention in the elections”, — said the representative of the “League of conservative voters,” David Willett.

The movement against shale oil appeared at the end of 2000-ies, when activists from Pennsylvania suspected that the creation of new fields may lead to contamination of drinking water in their state. And although Vladimir Putin is back in 2013 said that shale gas “is a barbaric way is not acceptable in Russia and many countries of Europe,” no evidence that Moscow has indeed invested in the development of this thesis, it was not.

The suspicion against Russia was made in the correspondence, Hillary Clinton, published by WikiLeaks during the election campaigns in the United States. In particular, former Secretary of state claimed he is an environmental lawyer, however, expressed confidence that Russia sponsored the environmental groups opposed the shale oil and construction of pipelines.