The white house has expressed support for the bill on new sanctions against Russia

US President, Donald trump supports new version of the bill on sanctions against Russia, the consideration of which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 25. On Sunday, July 23, said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders, the TV channel ABC News.

“The administration supports a tough stance against Russia, especially in regard to the introduction of these sanctions,” said Sanders.

She noted that the original version of the bill “was poorly written”. “But we were able to work with the house of representatives and the Senate, and the administration are pleased that we were able to make the necessary changes. And we support the bill in the form in which it is now,” said Sanders.

In turn, the Director of communications for the White house Anthony scaramucci of the TV channel CBS News at question is whether the sign trump this bill, if adopted by Congress, said: “don’t know”. “But we’ll soon find out. And when we find out we will sign it or not, you can invite me again and I will try to explain you the reasons and arguments that formed the basis of this decision”, — he added.

The original version of the bill on new sanctions against Russia and Iran, was approved by the Senate on June 15, however, further passage of the document stalled in the house of representatives.

The white house previously criticized the document for what it is “unacceptably restricts the powers of the President of the United States on the issue of sanctions”. In particular, the paper introduces mandatory approval by Congress of the President’s decision on easing or lifting the sanctions against Moscow and Tehran. At the same time, the White house repeatedly emphasized that the administration supports new sanctions against Moscow.

12 July in the house of representatives introduced a new version of the bill. On the eve of the lower house of Congress has posted the text. As he wrote RBC, the new version was more lenient than the original version of the bill. In the first assignment and part of the document on powers of the President in addressing the issue of sanctions, which most irritated the White house.

Last Saturday it became known that the Senate and house of representatives reached agreement on a new version of the bill on sanctions. Consideration of document in the house of representatives will be held July 25.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov stated that Moscow believes a new bill on sanctions against Russia “very negative”.