The White house said rumors about the intention of trump’s “pardon himself”

The lawyer from the team of lawyers of U.S. President Donald trump said that they do not discuss the issue of pardoning of the defendants of “Russian Affairs”, reported the Associated Press.

“We do not consider this issue because it is not a subject of discussion,” said one of the lawyers from the team President J. Sekulow.

The theme of the President’s right to pardon convicts became the center of a scandal that in recent days, erupted in the American media. On Friday, July 21, the Washington Post published an article which said that trump gave the team to his assistants to study the question of whether he as President to pardon his aides, family members and even himself if the investigation about the relations with Russia will be completed by the prosecution.

The theme was picked up by other publications anticrepuscular wing, which launched a debate about whether the President the right to pardon their relatives and himself.

The next day, trump posted a tweet about it, noting that the real crime that happened in those days, was a breach of intelligence. “At that time, as all agree that the U.S. President has the right to pardon people, why think about it now, when the only one installed at the time of the crime is the leak of information from which we suffer? Fake news” — he wrote, once again accusing the media, supporting the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton in the dissemination of false information.

However, this tweet has strengthened the debate, the number of publications of its intention to exercise the right of pardon increased. Reuters, for example, concluded that the review of the President increases the likelihood that trump is considering all options, if the investigation is about “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections will not end in his favor.