WP: local governments in the US continue to use the software, “Kaspersky”

WP: local governments in the US continue to use the software, “Kaspersky”

TASS, July 24. Local authorities and some Federal authorities in the United States continue to use the antivirus programs of the Russian company “Kaspersky Lab”, in spite of the restrictions imposed by the administration of us President Donald trump. This was announced on Monday, the newspaper The Washington Post.

“We use it, it works well – stated system, the branch Manager of the Federal office of public protection (the management of providing services free of lawyers – approx.TASS) in Connecticut John Morrison. – We have no problems, no viruses, no.”

According to the publication, at the moment the software “Kaspersky Lab” is used on computers in local government in many US States, from Oregon to Connecticut. As the newspaper notes, officials in nine regions of the United States stated that he had purchased a program “Kaspersky Lab” or updates in the last two years. Most of them stated that it did not intend in the near future to seek a replacement for the Russian antivirus company.

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump 11 Jul “Kaspersky Lab” of the two lists of suppliers whose products might be purchased for use by state agencies. In the American media in recent months has been speculation about what “Kaspersky Lab” is closely connected with the intelligence services of the Russian Federation. The Director of the company Eugene Kaspersky in early July in an interview with the Associated Press about the readiness to provide the us authorities to study the source code of the developed programs, to dispel possible suspicions.