Gutenev: the situation with Siemens undermines the credibility of European business

Gutenev: the situation with Siemens undermines the credibility of European business

MOSCOW, July 25. /TASS/. The refusal of the German company Siemens to supply equipment to Russian companies undermines the credibility of European companies and is forcing Russia to look for alternative suppliers both within the country and abroad.

On Tuesday told TASS first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy and industry, first Vice-President of LLC “Russian engineering Union” Vladimir Gutenev.

German company on July 21 announced the suspension of deliveries of power equipment of Russian firms, since, according to the company, four gas turbine set for power plant in Taman, was moved to the Crimea to bypass sanctions of the European Union.

“For us, a great tragedy will not be the biggest tragedy is, I believe, for the other hand, not only for Siemens, but for the entire European business. This is a signal for the Russian partners, the German and other companies from Western Europe, such situations may arise so it’s time to change provider. Starts the trend of finding more reliable suppliers from the Western Europe and other” – said Gutenev.

As an alternative to supply the Deputy sees first of all the Russian companies included United engine Corporation with Assistance. “They can implement such ambitious projects”, – assured the Deputy head of the Committee. In addition, in his opinion, are promising in this direction can be Asian markets.

Speaking about the consequences of the scandal with Siemens, Gutenev explained that “for heavy turbines from 35-40 Megawatts and above, Russia already has certain competences”. “Very good competence at OJSC “Power machines”, of a number of joint subsidiaries,” – said the Deputy. “So this whole situation is a great tragedy for us will not, although the inconvenience, of course, will cause”, he added.

Plus as it was stated by Deputy head of the Committee, “works that the Russian side completes a great program where it needed new turbines and generators”. “And now smaller and smaller the liability is depreciation, there is not very critical. We may at some time be pushed to the side and unable to seek other suppliers, in China there is a very good and quite competitive products. We can also conduct a full import substitution, which is much more promising in terms of job creation, development of industrial science in this direction,” – said Gutenev.

Earlier, the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that the situation with Siemens does not pose a risk for Russian companies, given the competition in the market. According to him, “all that supplies Siemens can supply and other companies, including in the electricity sector”.