Kosachev: Russia may cease to comply with the obligation to care for Polish memorials

MOSCOW, July 26. /TASS/. Russia in response to the adoption in Poland of the act on the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers may cease to fulfill the obligation to care for Polish memorials in the territory of the Russian Federation. This was reported on Wednesday to journalists by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

According to him, it can happen if three months later the Polish law on demolition of Soviet monuments will come into force. As noted Kosachev, if the poles refuse “to return to pre-existing understanding of these agreements, from our point of view can come the next stage: we will cease to execute these two agreements with our side in terms of care for Polish memorials on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

According to the Senator, one of these memorials – the crash of the airliner with the Polish President Lech Kaczynski. “Now, the Polish side has plans for the construction of a memorial to their settings and the issue is also not resolved,” – said Kosachev.

He explained that the obligation to care for the memorials are governed by two agreements of 1992 and 1994. “We have read both documents and consider unacceptable interpretation of the Polish party to these agreements, which appeared 20 years after their signing. Previously, the poles stood in the same position as we are – what we are talking about all the memorials. In 2014 poles have changed their interpretation and we have been informed that it is only about the graves,” – said Kosachev.

According to him, you should try to return the poles in the legal interpretation of these agreements is more time – Polish law will come into force in three months. As the Senator noted, if this does not happen, a possible answer may also be “measures of the restrictive nature of the cooperation with Poland, starting with the sanctions against parliamentarians, who initiated the bill”.

“We are categorically opposed to sanctions against parliamentarians, but sometimes there’s no room to maneuver. These are extreme measures,” – said Kosachev, adding that Russia can also limit the interaction with Polish provinces, whose territory contains monuments to Soviet soldiers, as well as to impose trade and economic sanctions. The Senator noted that efforts to identify measures already underway, but the decision “should be made by the President of the Russian Federation”.

About the made in Poland the law

The Polish Sejm on 22 June for the amendments to the law on prohibition of propaganda of communism or other totalitarian regime in the names of buildings and objects which, in particular, provides for the dismantling of monuments to Soviet soldiers who liberated Poland from Nazi occupation in the years 1944-1945. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda on July 17 of this year, changes to the law. The Russian foreign Ministry called the decision a deliberate provocation and said that it will not remain without consequences.